Like all embassies this embassy requires that :

  • the status of extra-territoriality will be recognised by the country on whose land it is established. This means that no authority may enter the embassy uninvited and the Elohim can retain their privacy and freedom of action within it.

  • the air space above the embassy grounds will be considered neutral. This will allow the Elohim to come and go as they wish without being hampered or causing disruption.


The embassy needs to be located as close to Jerusalem as possible. The grounds need to measure at least 347 hectares (3,470,000 square meters) so that a radius of 1050 meters can be inscribed within it.

However, following the lack of response by the State of Israel, the Elohim have told Rael in a message dated 13 December 1997 that we should now address our request of extra-territoriality as necessitated by an embassy to any country, and that the radius of 1050 meters could be water just as it could be land, on the condition that there be no navigation within these waters.