During their encounter with Rael in December 1973, the Elohim specified :

  • "Have a residence built in a pleasant country with a mild climate, with seven rooms always ready to receive guests, each with a separate bathroom, a conference room able to accommodate twenty-one people, a swimming pool and a dining room capable of seating twenty-one people. This residence should be constructed in the middle of a park and should be protected from curious onlookers. The park should be entirely surrounded by walls to prevent anyone from seeing the residence and the swimming pool. The residence should be situated at a distance of at least one thousand meters from the walls around the park. It will have a maximum of two stories and should be screened from the outskirts of the wall by a barrier of trees and bushes. Install two entrances in the surrounding wall, one to the south and another on the northern side. The residence will also have two entrances. There will be a terrace on the roof where a spacecraft of twelve metres in diameter may land. Access from that terrace to the interior is essential. The air space above and around the residence should not be under direct military or radar surveillance. You will try to ensure that the land where this residence is built - if possible larger than prescribed here - is treated as neutral territory by other nations and by the nation on whose territory it is located, by virtue of it being our embassy on Earth."

    "….the area containing the seven rooms should be directly under the terrace and it should be separated from the section used by human beings by a thick metal door, lockable from the inside, which is kept permanently closed. An aseptic chamber should be built at the entrance of the conference room."

  • "The Mesage Given By Extra-Terrestrials" (p90) as dictated by Yahweh Elohim to Rael on 13th Dec 1973

    They also said :

  • "Once a year, on a mountain near the residence, gather together people from all over the world who have heard about us and wish us to come.

    Have the largest number of people possible, and have them think intensely about us and hope for our coming. When there are enough and when they wish for our coming intensely enough without any religious mysticism, as a responsible people respecting their creators, then we will come openly and give you our scientific knowledge as our heritage to all peoples of the Earth. If warlike temperaments are reduced to total powerlessness in the whole world, then this will happen. If the love of life and humanity for us, and therefore for itself, is strong enough, yes we will come openly. We will wait."

  • "The Message Given By Extra-Terrestrials" (p91) as dictated by Yahweh Elohim to Rael on 13th Dec 1973

    We must plan for around 144,000 people staying on the grounds near the Embassy to welcome the Elohim. Given the 347 hectares requested, that provides around 20 m2 per person, the ideal camping space. To keep that many people healthy and disease free, we must also prepare extensive administrative buildings, food and water provisions, modern sanitation and efficient communication systems.

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