The aim of this website is to document the side effects and withdrawal symptoms associated with the antidepressant drug Venlafaxine Hydrochloride, which is marketed as Effexor or Efexor and in it's sustained release form as Effexor (Efexor) XR.

By way of medical reports and articles, patient feedback and documents made available by the drug regulators, this site highlights how thousands of patients in the UK and worldwide are unable to discontinue the drug or even cut back on dosage due to the rapid onset of a severe and brutal withdrawal syndrome, often taking hold after missing as little as a single dose, and also, that with continued use of the drug, such patients are increasingly at risk of developing a potentially lethal toxic condition known as "Serotonin Syndrome".

The site also points to flaws in the drug testing and licensing procedures and in the adverse reactions reporting system which have all contributed to the continuing, blind ignorance amongst the medical profession to both the drug's addictive qualities and it's intrinsic potential for harm and it documents how the drug's manufacturer has, some seven years after the drug was first licensed, gradually begun to disclose that it has known of these problems all along.

Finally, this website is, I hope, a testament to the power of patients to educate themselves about their health and to share the information that they have gathered for the benefit of others.


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