Other Side Effects

Other side effects which have been reported by Venlafaxine patients, but in respect of which there appears to have been little medical research are:

  1. Loss of short to medium term memory.
  2. Loss of drive, ambition, personal motivation (often described as a lack of adrenaline).
  3. Deterioration in eyesight.
  4. Substantial weight gain.

These side effects appear to be long term, continuing even after treatment with Venlafaxine has ceased, and, as they clearly have a substantial affect upon the patients quality of life, require urgent investigation by the medical profession.

A brief abstract of an article on the Ocular adverse effects of antidepressants and other neuropsychiatric agents can be found at Pubmed.

Also, further research also needs to be undertaken on the long term neurological effects not only of Venlafaxine, but of all of the SSRI antidepressants. A case report on this issue can be found at Psychiatry Online.

Sexual dysfunction as a side effect of Venlafaxine treatment is also extremely common and without doubt under reported. Again, a case report of sexual dysfunction being treated with Sildenafil can be found at Psychiatry Online.

Finally, there have also been reports of respiratory problems associated with the use of Venlafaxine and an abstract of one of the case reports on this is available on PubMed.

Note. Since this web site was first published the U.S Food & Drug Administration has published new data which confirms the link between Venlafaxine and the side effects mentioned on this page.

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