Come read my JOURNAL about you!!!!!!
But don't forget to look at all these other links!
They show how much I love you and how much I yearn for us
to be TOGETHER.  I first saw you the night you came into the
video store where I work.  Right away, the moment you
walked in the door, I knew you were an actress
and I knew someday you will be a star. A BIG star!!!
This website is dedicated to you, the woman I love, the woman
that I will one day spend the rest of my life with.  It's for you Julie.
I can't say who I am right now but Julie if you ever visit this site,
please know that I built this just for you.
I love you!    I love you!    I love you!
A poem for Julie
A song for Julie
Julie's Photo Album
Our Favorite Movies
Our Favorite Foods
The Asshole!