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Persona of a Cognetics Design Specialist
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Persona of a Cognetics Design Specialist
This persona is an example of a typical Cognetics designer.  It is also an example of how we create these profiles of users for our design projects.  Creating personas is just one of the LUCID deliverables.
Name: Linda
Title: Interaction Designer
Company: Cognetics Corporation
Age: mid-30's
Education: M.S. in HCI
Specialties Web, Intranet, Database Searching
Responsibilities: Interview Users
Define Requirements
Produce Visual Designs
Produce Specifications
Coordinate Usability Testing
Produce UI Style Guide


After initially graduating with a Computer Science degree, Linda spent several years as a web administrator, database designer, and programmer with two software companies. She then returned to school to complete a Human-Computer Interaction degree and joined Cognetics upon completion of her degree. Linda is an experienced web-surfer and is familiar with programming principles, though she no longer actively codes.

Linda works with clients to clearly establish a product’s vision. With the vision in place, she works with users as appropriate to analyze their needs and requirements. She then uses that data to produce a draft of a user-interface and manages an iterative design process, combining expert review with usability testing as needed. She starts the design process in Visio, but she prefers to construct low-fidelity HTML prototypes as soon as possible for both review and testing. Once the design is stable, Linda typically delivers annotated specs for the full interface and the user interface style guide used to construct the prototype. She varies these deliverables depending on the needs of the specific project.


  • Produce an "a-ha!" interface that seems both innovative and self-evident at the same time. Once presented, it is the obvious way to approach the workflow.
  • Serve as a user advocate, helping clients to align business needs and user needs.
  • Perform iterative design and testing within the parameters of schedule and budget.
  • Work with clients until they are confident in the user interface produced for a product.


  • Linda is one of the few women who are red-green colorblind.
  • Access to users for user analysis is not always feasible, so Linda must sometimes gather user data in more creative ways (tech support logs, surveys, remote interviews, etc.).

Image of a Typical Cognetics Designer

Favorite quote:

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


Favorite design tool:

The whiteboard - or anything that lets me iterate the design quickly.

Member of:

SIGCHI, UPA and a local usability discussion group

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