Boats assembled and painted by us, with imported engines (Homelite, Zenoah and Quick Draw) or available in Brazil with Shark Racing hop-ups

Sail boats
Marblehead Sail Boat
Our group, preparing for the regatta. Between the sailboats, Gaucho, to the right of him, me and my son Flavio
Regatta -3 of our sailboats competing against each other
Testing a sail boat on the channel that runs through my backyard 
Gaucho testing a sail boat. That's the part of the work he loves the most
Apache with Husqvarna 32cc engine
Apache with Kioritz 25 cc engine
Another Apache with Husqvarna 32 cc engine
Apache with Homelite 30 cc, Int'l R/C engine
Scarab with OS .81 glow engine
Aggressor with OS .46 glow engine
Prather 40"  K&B 3.5 cc outboard engine
Aeromarine 50" with MS Zenoah G-42 engine
RC Boat Works with Zenoah G-23 engine
Aeromarine 50" with Quick Draw 35cc A4P engine
Tunnel Hull
William's cat: Kioritz 38 cc engine, with Shark Racing hop up. This boat was sold and is now in Salvador, Bahia.
Action pictures:
Apache turning
William's Catamaran on the move
Apache starting running
Apache jumping a wake. In the background, me, making the wakes with a jet ski. 
William's Cat, starting to run.
Winter Sunday at Cabo Frio: Aeromarine Cat 50" with Zenoah G-42
Same day: Top Gun with Zenoah G-23
A several feet rooster tail (Top Gun)
A Top Gun and a S rooster tail
Applying power after the turn (Top Gun)
Top Gun, reducing speed to negotiate the turn
William retrieving a boat
 Almost on shore
Sunday, 3:00  P.M. Preparing for fun
William and his Apache with a Kioritz 38cc engine. It was a test afternoon, as the boat attitude on water was very bad.
Torque roll on turns was excessive.
On straight line also...
There is a boat under all this mist
Our retrieval boat, ready for action
Beginning of a Sunday of a long holiday. Apache Homelite driven by Fernando.
Yet the Apache. The other trace is from a Cat 50 with a QuickDraw 35. Too fast to be on the pic.
Cat 50 with QD 35. Almost going out of the pic.
Finally both together

A weekend with rain – a lot of – didn’t prevent us to put the boats on water. At least two years our nitro boats didn’t went to water. They are fast and this Aggressor is very stable. This series of pics from Rodrigo Boccanera.

The Seaducers are not the only to pretend being a submarine.

Apache with Husqvarna 32 cc engine from Shark Racing

Apache from Intn’l RC jumping the jet ski wake
Another wake, faced with ease
Going down  - but she survived
Just the transom and prop touching the water
Same thing, other side
Accelerating and throwing spray at the photographer
Everyone is curious about R/C boats
Out of the wake and landing (watering?) precisely
Turning in close up
Another one
Any doubt about the importance of flotation?
There is no a better rescue boat

William’s Apache with a Kioritz 38cc engine with Shark Racing preparation

Aeromarine Cat 50” with QuickDraw 35 cc engine. Fast!
Rain and wind made the lagoon barely adequate for Cats. But this one have a very good behavior
William, Valdir and me starting the boat. Paulo – aero modeler who is being convinced to come to boats – looking and learning. He learns fast.
Just on the prop, a very fast run
Same thing on the other side
Wind and choppy water pumps the blood
Most of the time, just the last  5 inches of the hull were touching water
At that time, just prop and rudders on water.
This is what happens when a boat with strong porposing and chine walk try to run against another one well balanced. William driving the yellow Apache, I with the red one.
Head to head racing. To be honest, William’s boat – the yellow one – suffered from porposing, chine walk and a defective coil that failed on high RPM’s. Even so, it was faster than mine and most of the time he was ahead of me. Nobody was sad about this: my boat has a Intn’l RC engine, William’s a Shark Racing prepared engine. We won.
February/2003: initial set up for testing the new stainless steel tuned pipe on a 30cc Homelite in an Apache hull.
An speed pass. The drive train also needs adjustment
A boat close-up
It was already night when we finish the day test. The header must be shortned and the pipe is tool big for the engine. But it is a beautiful pipe.
On the next day (Sunday) we tested the tuned pipe with adjustable header. Top Gun Cat, Zenoah G-23PUM.
The first runs with the header at it's shorter length. 13.120 RPM, good acceleration.
The boa attitude was perfect. I love this cat - an old design but stable and fast
Out of turns, no excitation.
With the longer header, better acceleration and less peak RPM: 12.680.
Nevertheless, a respectable speed.
Other pictures

My home workshop, Gaucho’s R/C boat shop and places where we do our R/C boating. Cabo Frio City. With Arraial do Cabo and Buzios, it compounds the tourist area known as the Lakes Region. Cabo Frio is the biggest city, 11miles from Arraial do Cabo and 8 miles from Buzios.  

R/C Boating Shop: Small shop owned by Gaucho, where we are trying to develop the R/C boating hobby in the city. Sells all of our products and takes orders.
Shop interior
My workshop. (Originally my home garage, cars were exiled to the outside)
 Sherline lathe
Electrical workbench
Tool rack made by my friend Clovis (from Araken Jet Ski)
Press and a cat mold
Tool rack and workbench
Tool rack, parts bins, lathe and mill in the background
Sherline lathe and mill
Last acquisition for the home shop: a Sanchez Blanes drill that was almost trashed when I bought it. Maurício, from Danke Metalúrgica, took almost 7 months to transform it on this marvelous mill.  
Husqvarna engine in a Apache hull and Shark Racing radio box (made by Gaucho, the fiber glass wizard)
Husqvarna engine, with Fernando's treatment.
Same engine, front view.
Carb driving. Cable is from automotive air system. Both the stiffness of a rigid cable together with the flexibility to conform to curves. 
Driving detail.
Besides fiber glass hull, Gaucho also makes wood boats with electric motors. This is a tool he made to work with those boats. I think it is interesting enough to deserve a picture on this site.
Assembling a boat (Aeromarine Cat 50" with Hyper Torque Zenoah engine)
Hull, with engine and radio box
Radio box detail - the best we got to protect  against water
Drive train: Octura rudder and strut, rudder fixing, ferrule and water pick up from Shark Racing.
Drive train: another view, with details of the water pick up
Detail: carb bell crank
Micro switch that, trigged by the fail safe, turns off the engine on emergencies 
Boat already painted, without engine and hardware
Another view
One more. Just waiting motor and hardware to be shipped to São Paulo
Engine on rails
Other pictures:
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Engine pictures: engine found on R/C boating.
Pics from engines, drive trains, tools and everything else r/c boaters have done with their hands and tools. The talent of ours friends looks like is endeless. Have fun.
Assembling a Cyclone cat with a QD 35 cc
Videos: Shark Racing boats in action

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