We are 3 friends (4 now) who discovered a common interest in R/C boating and joined  our knowledge and resources to the mutual benefit of our hobby.
Carlos Eduardo -  Dudu: 56 years old, the only one who was retired and could dedicate more time to the hobby. For this, he was envied by the other two. Returned to government service, he is not envied any more.. 
William -  Electronic engineer and handy man When he says that something you have done is "more or less" it means it is very good. 
Vilson - Gaucho: he is our fiberglass expert, he builds the hulls and radio boxes we use. His nickname means that he is from Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil. He swears he is not from Pelotas. (Pelotas is a city of Rio Grande do Sul state that carries the same fame as San Francisco)
Fernando - 
The newest acquisition to the Shark Racing Team, Fernando runs an auto shop in Cabo Frio. Extremely meticulous in everything he does, he is, from now, responsible for the finishing in our products.


Our shop and boating locations are located in the marvelous city of Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. On the pictures page, click to see pics of the city, the beaches, our navigation points and the shop where we work. 


Carlos Eduardo: duduand@terra.com.br  William:

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