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Spring, 2002 #59


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The Fundementals of Plant Improvement in Organic Agriculture

Recipe: Cinnamon Basil Cookies

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Membership Notes

ALSF has been sending letters reminding members to renew memberships before they expire. The response to these reminders has been spectacular, but we also need new members to keep up with our expanding activities. Currently, ALSF has about 800 members. We hope to increase to 1000 members by August 30th.

The burgeoning interest in organic gardening and in open-pollinated seed production has meant that our office and farm are busier than ever cataloging seed, growing out more varieties, and filling and increased number of orders for seeds. In addition to these activities, your membership dues promote educational programs about saving seeds, and help to support and develop our network of growers who produce the high quality of seed we distribute through the catalog. ALSF also sends free seed to needy farmers and projects through the World Seed Fund, and teaches adults and children about organic gardening, seed saving and farming.

Share the Seed Midden with your gardening friends, Tell your garden club about our activities. Recruit a new member this month. And be sure your own membership is current.

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