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Seed Grower's Workshop:
Tapes For Sale
If you missed the workshop, you can still hear what the speakers had to say. There are cassette tapes of some of the sessions available.
Dr. Raoul Robinson-$5
John Navazio-$5
Frank Morton, $10 (two tapes)
The final brainstorming session (with discussion about a guild), $5.
Send your check or credit card to Abundant Life with $3 for shipping (no matter how many tapes you purchase).

A Smart Way to Support Abundant Life Seed Foundation

We are able to accept your appreciated securities as donations. We have an established account and it's a pretty simple process. By gifting your appreciated stocks to a non-profit foundation, you may
be able to avoid some taxes. Talk to your accountant and feel confident that we can handle the specific arrangements needed on our end. You can also gift land or other appreciated assets that we may be able to sell and utilize the funds. Call Kirsten or Debbie if you would like to discuss some possibilities.

Wish List

What goes around comes around... Can you donate any of the following used or new items to ALSF? (And take a tax deduction in the process.) Good for ALSF. Good for you.

1. Laser printer, Mac compatible.
2. Office copy machine, preferably a "simple" one without all the bells and whistles.
3. Air conditioner to keep our seeds cool, dry and happy.
4. Hand lens, either loupe or magnifying glass.
5. Microscopes for school groups visiting the garden.
6. Digging bar and wheel barrow.
7. Screen for slide projector.
8. Folding tables and chairs or sturdy lawn chairs for classes at the farm.
9. Wide-mouthed baby food type jars and glass gallon jars.
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