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Page Index

01 Introduction

02 What is Cancer?

03 Different Kinds of Cancers

04 Naming Cancers

05 Loss of Normal Growth

06 Example of Normal Growth

07 The Beginning of Cancerous Growth

08 Tumors (Neoplasms)

09 Invasion and Metastasis

10 Malignant Versus Benign Tumors

11 Why Cancer is Potentially Dangerous

12 Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

13 Early Cancer May Not Have Any Symptoms

14 Pap Test

15 Mammograms

16 Blood Test

17 Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT)

18 Biopsy

19 Microscopic Apperance of Cancer Cells

20 Hyperplasia

21 Dysplasia

22 Carcinoma in Situ

23 Tumor Grading

24 Tumor Staging

25 What Causes Cancer?

26 Populations - Based Studies

27 Heredity? Behaviors? Other Factors

28 Tobacco Use and Cancer

29 Low - Strength Radiation

30 High - Strength Radiation

31 Lag Time

32 Viruses

33 Examples of Human Cancer Viruses

34 AIDS and Kaposi's Sarcoma

35 Bacteria and Stomach Cancer

36 Heredity and Cancer

37 Heredity Can Affect Many Types of Cancer

38 Genetic Testing

39 Cancer Risk and Aging

40 Gene and Cancer

41 DNA Structure

42 DNA Mutation

43 Gene Mutations and Cancer

44 Oncogenes

45 Proto - Oncogenes and Normal Cell Growth

46 Oncogenes are Mutant Forms of Proto - Oncogenes

47 Oncogenes Act Like an Accelerator

48 Tumor Suppressor Genes

49 Tumor Suppressor Genes Act Like a Break Pedal

50 The p53 Tumor Suppressor Gene Triggers Cell Suicide

51 DNA Repairs

52 Cancer Tends to Involve Multiple Mutations

53 Cancer Prevention

54 Avoiding Tobacco

55 Protect Yourself Against Sunlight

56 Limited Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption

57 Diet: Limit Fats and Calories

58 Diet: Consume Fruits and Vegetables

59 Avoid Cancer Viruses

60 Avoid Carcinogens at Work and at Home

61 Industrial Pollution

62 Is There a Cancer "Epidemic"?


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