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Jodhi's Coffee Cup            Pansy Umbrella       Crocheted Bridal Garter

C o m i n g S o o n !                  P a n s y U m b r e l l a !                      Crocheted Bridal Garter
I got it back and I'm working on it now! ;)


These are the flowers on one end of the house



The Featured Items for March are:  

Grape Bunch Doily

Rolling Pin

Pisces Potholder

Lacy Scarf


Crocheting and Cooking with Jodhi


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bananas for Banna Bread


These are the hosta on the other end of the house



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F u l l   U p d a t e s !

3-8-03......Added Grape Bunch Doily, Rolling Pin Cover, Pisces Potholder and a Scarf.

2-1-03......Added Begonia edging, Cyclamen edging, Grapebottlecap, Rose Popcorn Hotplate Mat.

1-1-03......Added Colonial Girl Hankie Edging, Lg & Sm Butterfly Baskets, Pineapple Luncheon Set, Carry-All Bag.


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