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MusicBrainz Licenses

Data Licenses

MusicBrainz used to use the much discussed and often flamed Open Content license. Given the controversy of this license combined with the issue that facts cannot be copyrighted in the United States, we have decided to change the licenses that MusicBrainz uses.

Public Domain Dedication The core MusicBrainz metadata consists of the artist, artistalias, album, track, CD Index id, CD table of contents, and TRM Id data. This core data has now been placed explicitly into the Public Domain, since this data is a large collection of facts and facts cannot be copyrighted. Furthermore, by placing this data into the Public Domain, MusicBrainz is making this data available for use far and wide by commerical and non-commercial groups and individuals.

Creative Commons License The remaining portions of the MusicBrainz dataset consist of the derived text indexes, moderation data and data contributed by third parties. All of this data has been released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. This license allows anyone to use the work, as long as they give the MusicBrainz community proper credit, use it in a non-commercial setting and if they make modifications, they need to release the modified work under the same license. Please read the full terms of this license before you download the MusicBrainz data.

For more details and background on this decision, please read our Data License Issues White Paper and our Non-Profit White Paper.

Source Code Licenses

MusicBrainz still uses the GPL for its Server and Tagger source code. The client source code uses the LGPL.

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