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Aikan Muyo
(No Need for Sadness and Joy)

A Tenchi Muyo fanfic series

This series is initially set in the Tenchi TV continuity. It starts at the same time as TV Episode #14 - No Need for Rebellion, i.e. about three months after the arrival of the Masaki's houseguests. But in this universe, Kagato does *not* take over Jurai. Essentially, my series splits off where TV#14 would have begun, and takes a different course.

However, I'm assuming that certain events from OAV#7 - The Night Before the Carnival could and have happened. Specifically, the Nurse Washuu incident, Sasami's prank with the shoujo manga, Ryoko's attempt to sneak into Tenchi's bedroom, and Aeka's stopping of same. There's no reason this things *couldn't* have taken place, after all.

Later episodes -- especially No Need for Discipline -- also draw heavily on "Oujo-sama to Oyobi" from the Tenchi Soundfile Video, which doesn't seem restricted to either the OAV or TV continuity. (If you haven't seen it, check out Stanley Hong and Allan Saddi's Aeka-S shrine at

And, last but not least, I'll be working in some of my favorite things from the OAV series, when I can make them make sense in the context of the TV continuity. You'll know them when you see them.

The series consists of the following chapters, so far:

WARNING! Most of the following chapters contain lemon elements! It's tastefully done and an important part of the story, but if you are offend by such, read no further!

Chapter 1 - No Need for Fantasies
Chapter 2 - No Need for Breakfast
Chapter 3 - No Need for Daydreams and Preparations
Chapter 4 - No Need to be First
Chapter 5 - No Need to be Second
Chapter 6 - No Need for Discipline(careful, it's huge!)
Chapter 7 - No Need for Piracy (non-lemon)
Chapter 8 - No Need for Experimentation
Chapter 9 - No Need for Two Swords Part 1
Chapter 10 - No Need for Two Swords Part 2
Chapter 11 - No Need for Two Swords Part 3(NEW!!)

Confused? about all the japanese words and cultural refrences, check out the new
Aikan Muyo glossary!

Future chapters in the works, no numbers assigned yet, and not necessarily in the listed order:

No Need for Gravity
No Need for Blood Ties
No Need for Education
No Need for Internal Combustion
No Need for Law Enforcement
No Need for Relocation
No Need for a Vacation
No Need for a Starry Sky
No Need for Announcements
No Need for More Piracy (probably non-lemon)

And several more, titles and chapter boundaries not yet decided.

Drop me a line at, if you have anything to say about the stories. Even a message saying "I read it" will be appreciated. I like to get a gauge of how many folks actually read these.

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