[Nupedia-l] Re: [Advisory-l] The wiki...

Larry Sanger lsanger@nupedia.com
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 16:22:39 -0800

> Maybe we could install the wiki under a totally different brand name,
> and just let people who sign up for Nupedia aware that lots of
> tend to hang out there.

That'd be fine with me; I'm not sure how exactly it would be connected
to Nupedia, though.  We wouldn't call it "the Nupedia wiki" though
that's what it would be.  We might have a question on the "about" page:

"Q. Do you have a place where I can simply write down ideas, post
articles, etc., for public consumption?

A. Yes.  Use the _wikipedia_!"

On the "wikipedia" we would say that this is a supplementary project to
Nupedia which operates entirely independently.