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iMesh 3.1  popular
Download Now Download Now Free download 2.8MB
Downloads: 47,404,968
Date added: March 19, 2002
File size: 2.8MB; Clock this download 
License: Free
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, 32MB RAM
Uninstaller included?: Yes

Publisher's Description
iMesh is a search tool that lets you locate and download audio, images, documents, and video files from a growing community of 7 million people. The files themselves are located on the computers of other iMesh users who have agreed to share their files and can be transferred from one desktop to another without a server in between. Downloads are very fast and can be resumed later if a file's owner disconnects from iMesh. The patent-pending iMesh technology allows you to download files from up to seven users at the same time.

iMesh offers special features such as quick downloads, the option to restrict certain search results, a player that includes playlists, a history of uploads, skin support, and much more.

Version 3.0 was completely redesigned with a new user interface, improved search capabilities, faster download speeds, and a new chat feature.

Version 3.1 is a maintenance release.

Editor's note: This download includes additional applications that are bundled within the software's installer file, some of which may be provided by parties other than the developer of this download. These applications may deliver advertisements, collect information, overlay content or graphics on the Web site you are viewing, or modify your system settings. As with all downloads, CNET recommends that you pay close attention to the options presented to you during the installation process. Known third-party applications bundled with this download include GAIN, Cydoor, Hotbar, eZula TopText, New.Net, CommonName, SideStep, NetPal, FavoriteMan, VX2, FlashTrack, and BonziBuddy. To use iMesh, you must also install these bundled applications. Review
Pretty is as pretty does. If you haven’t heard that old saying before, a little time spent with iMesh makes its meaning crystal clear. Lovely to look at, fast when it feels like it, iMesh is the peer-to-peer equivalent of having a supermodel as a girlfriend: temperamental, finicky, and with too many hangers-on crowding the field in the form of adware.

iMesh couples astonishing power with the capricious ability to ignore what others might find useful. Great filters, download-handling functionality, and file management are negated by the dearth of files that need handling. A typical search turns up only a paltry handful of results even for popular titles, and that without any at-a-glace sound quality information found in other file-sharing services. And while the old versions of iMesh offered features such as instant messaging to fill the empty space that results might have taken up, the newest version saves that room for seemingly limitless pop-up ads and the ubiquitous BonziBuddy, just in case you get bored waiting for the lovely iMesh to snub your demands.

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