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Egypt’s Best Known Activist Acquitted of All Charges

The Trial of Saad Eddin Ibrahim
and 27 Co-Defendants

For more than a decade Professor Saad Eddin Ibrahim has directed a research and advocacy institute in Cairo that monitors elections, conducts voter education projects, and criticizes, at times, the Egyptian government. In the summer of 2000, however, he and 27 of his colleagues were arrested and subsequently tried before a state security court on several charges allegedly connected to their work. All 28 defendants were found guilty on some of these charges and several were sent to jail. Dr. Ibrahim, who is 64, was sentenced to a seven year term. Continue»

Video Clips on Saad Ibrahim Case
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Click to see the video clip LCHR Advocate Neil Hicks on the Ibrahim Trial

Neil Hicks, the director of the Lawyers Committee's Special Initiative on the Middle East, talks about how the case is symptomatic of the larger issue of democratic development in Egypt. View»

Read the Transcript

Click to see the video clip Interview: Tom Brokaw and Barbara Ibrahim
From 2002 LCHR Annual Human Rights Award Dinner

NBC Anchor Tom Brokaw interviews Barbara Ibrahim, the wife of Saad Ibrahim, about her husband’s imprisonment and the significance of his trial for Egypt and the Middle East. The interview was a part of the Lawyers Committee 2002 Human Rights Award ceremony which was held October, 23, 2002. View»

Click to see the video clip Tom Brokaw Introduces the work of Saad Ibrahim
From 2002 LCHR Annual Human Rights Award Dinner

As part of the Lawyers Committee’s human rights award ceremony, Tom Brokaw discussed Dr. Ibrahim’s work, his imprisonment and the ramifications of both. Mr. Brokaw presented Ibrahim’s wife, Barbara Ibrahim, with the Lawyers Committee’s 2002 Human Rights Award on her husband’s behalf. View»

Click to see the video clip Barbara Ibrahim Reads a Message from her Husband
From 2002 LCHR Annual Human Rights Award dinner

At the awards dinner, Barbara Ibrahim read a letter written for the event by Dr. Ibrahim from his jail cell. View»

Click to see the video clip Saad Ibrahim on Now with Bill Moyers
In this piece, which aired on Now with Bill Moyers, Dr. Ibrahim speaks with correspondent Rick Davis about his work and his trial. The piece includes an emotional and moving conversation with Dr. Ibrahim about his assessment of the success of his work. View»


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