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RangeLAN2 Product Family

With over one million units installed, RangeLAN2 is the world's most popular solution for wireless broadband networking. RangeLAN2 is based on the OpenAir™ standard, making it interoperable with devices from over 20 vendors. Its intuitive software makes it simple to configure, and RangeLAN2’s power consumption is the lowest in the industry.

RangeLAN2 PCI Card
The RangeLAN2 7110 PCI Card is an ideal solution for desktop PC users—delivering an optimal combination of range, throughput, low power consumption, and interference immunity.

RangeLAN2 Windows CE PC Card
The RangeLAN2 7410 CE PC Card gives you wireless handheld computing with unbroken connectivity, from anywhere in your workplace.

RangeLAN2 PC Card
The RangeLAN2 7420 PC Card is a high-performance wireless networking adapter designed to meet the needs of mobile users who require continuous LAN connectivity.

RangeLAN2 Ethernet Access Point
RangeLAN2 Ethernet and Token Ring Access Points (APs) create a wireless network backbone for smart, secure roaming—not just for laptops, but for PDAs, barcode scanners and more.

RangeLAN2 Ethernet Adapter
RangeLAN2 7920/7921 Ethernet Adapters provide immediate wireless connectivity to PCs, Macintosh and UNIX computers, printers, medical, manufacturing, industrial, transportation and educational equipment – any device with a built-in Ethernet interface.

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