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RangeLAN2 Windows CE PC Card

The RangeLAN2 7410 CE PC Card gives you wireless handheld computing with unbroken connectivity, from anywhere in your workplace. The card’s drivers are built directly into the Windows CE Operating System version 2.X, and its Marathon™ power management has a current draw of less than 5mA in doze mode, significantly extending battery life.

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Product Overview

  • Mobile Computing Designed Exlusively for Handheld PC Devices
    Connecting to the Internet or checking e-mail has never been so easy from your Windows CE Handheld PC.
  • Industry's Lowest Power Consumption
    Marathon™ power management delivers less than 5mA current draw in doze mode, significantly extending battery life.
  • Drivers Built in to Windows CE Operating System
    Plug in and disconnect! With the driver built into Windows CE™ 2.11 (Professional Edition 3.0), you are on your way in no time. Standard drivers available for Windows CE 2.0.

Increase Your Productivity - Take Your Network with You
The RangeLAN2 7410 CE PC Card is a high performance wireless LAN adapter designed to meet the needs of mobile users who want wirefree computing no matter where they are in their office or campus. Delivering an optimal combination of range, throughput, and low power consumption, it is the perfect solution for users of Windows™ CE Handheld devices.

Imagine being able to take your handheld anywhere in your workplace with unbroken network connectivity. Scan your email while listening to a lecture. Call up an important file during a meeting. Use the web to verify a crucial fact. With the RangeLAN2 7410 CE PC Card and a RangeLAN2 or OpenAir™ network backbone in place in your facility, all this is not just possible, but today it is reality for thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Power Management That Keeps You On the Move
With Marathon™ Power Management, the RangeLAN2 7410 CE PC Card keeps you mobile longer. When your device is neither transmitting nor receiving but needs to be network aware, the RangeLAN2 7410 slips into doze mode, reducing the current draw to below 5mA significantly increasing battery life. Further, the RangeLAN2 7410 features the industry's lowest transmit (265 mA) and receive (130 mA) power consumption.

Guaranteed Interoperability through OpenAir Certification
With the RangeLAN2 7410 CE PC Card, small Windows CE handheld devices can benefit from wireless network connectivity. And since the RangeLAN2 7410 fully complies with the OpenAir standard, connectivity and interoperability is guaranteed with all of the large base of OpenAir-certified products from more than twenty companies belonging to the Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum.

Standard Drivers and Software Tools for Easy Network Installation
Proxim's unique Site Survey software is provided with each unit to assist in fast and easy wireless network design and installation. And with drivers built into the Windows CE Professional Edition 3.0 (Windows CE 2.11) Operating System, simple plug-and-play installation gets you up and running quickly. Plus network management has never been easier with Proxim's web-based RangeLAN2 Manager. Using RangeLAN2 Manger software, network managers can install, configure, monitor and troubleshoot their wireless LAN from anywhere on the network.

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Ordering Information

7410 RangeLAN2 Windows CE PC Card
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Technical Specs:


Ethernet Architecture  

Radio Data Rate 1.6 Mbps, per channel, 800 Kbps fallback rate for extended range

Token Ring Architecture  


Range (Standard antenna) ~400 feet (~122 m) in typical office environments
~700 feet (~213 m) in open spaces

Bus Interface  

Channels Supports up to 15 independent, non-interfering virtual channels (hopping patterns)

Power Management 265 mA transmit, 130 mA recieve, average 5 mA doze mode, 2 mA sleep mode (all are typical values)


Certifications US - FCC Part 15
International - Contact Proxim for a list of currently certified countries

Compatibility Fully interoperable with all RangeLAN2 or OpenAirTM- certified (Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum) products

Warranty 3-year parts and labor (return to factory)

Serial Information

Baud Rates  

Data Formats  

Flow Control  


Networking Information

Network Architecture Supports ad hoc peer-to-peer networks and infrastructure communication to wired Ethernet or Token Ring networks via Access and Extension Point(s)

Network Protocols  

Drivers Included Built into Windows CE Professional Edition 3.0 (Windows CE OS 2.11); Windows CE 2.0 drivers available for free download on Proxim's web site

Media Access Protocol  

Error Detection/Correction  

Ethernet Standards Compliance  

Maximum Hop Depth  

Roaming Seamless roaming

Domains Up to 16 domains for simultaneous independent networks

Security Twenty character alphanumeric encrypted security ID


Installation & Diagnostics Site Survey tool included. Surveys other wireless units and spectrum conditions, reports link quality and ping statistics to APs. Desktop icon continuously reports connection status

Ethernet Interface  

Token Ring Interface  

Ethernet Filtering Rate  

Token Ring Filtering Rate  

Filtering Rate  


Ethernet Port  

Software Upgrades  

Roaming Domains  


Installation and Management

Management Interfaces  

SNMP Traps  

SNMP Agents  

Authorization Tables  

Other Management Interfaces  

Hardware Switches  

Wireless Network Management  

Physical Management Connections  

Software Upgrages  


Frequency Band 2.4 GHz band. Actual frequencies in use vary by country

Radio Type Frequency hopping spead (FHSS)

Outpower 100 mW

Antenna Standard Snap-On (0 dBi gain); Optional Dipole (1 dBi gain)

Voltage 5 V

Antenna Options  


Temperature Range -20 to +60 degrees centigrade (operating)
-20 to +65 degrees centigrade (storage)

Humidity (non-condensing) 20 to 90% typical

Enclosure (available separately)  

Physical Specifications

Weight 1.09 ounces (31 g) PC Card only


Form Factor PCMCIA, Type II PC Card
Card and Socket Services 2.1 Compliant

Input Voltage  

Accessories Included Snap-On antenna
Operating Manual

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