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Vintage Video from TOSHIBA and SANYO

Welcome to a bit of Video History

The VcordII was an early videocassette recorder marketed by Sanyo in the USA and by Toshiba in Canada. Our model was the Toshiba KV4210 purchased at Simpsons in Toronto. It has long since passed away, and we really need a replacement since we have dozens of the old tapes (as pictured here)

The equivalent Sanyo machine was model VTC8200 (pictured below.)
The Vcord II was a terrific machine for its time (1970's); it was the first consumer machine to offer two recording speeds, freeze frame and slow motion. It also had a whopping 2-hour recording time on a tape that cost $35! Like all VCRs of this vintage, it is an extremely HEAVY machine (though NOT as heavy as Quasar's VX format "Great Time Machine" - see below).
Quasar Great Time Machine
The electronic clock/timer is more sophisticated than the one offered by Sony with the Betamax, but like the Sony it is a separate unit (We are still using ours).

The tape goes into the machine rather like an 8-track (short end first) but the tape door is on the long (left) side. Each tape comes with a protective plastic sleeve, green for the V60 and brown for the V120.
VCordII Tape Path
I suspect that someone out there has one of these machines. Chances are that it is hidden under a bunch of other stuff in the garage: they may even think its an old Betamax machine - But check for the distinctive VcordII logo!

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