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During the 1980s, Sean Harper's deep-focus dramas on behalf of Harmony Publications paved the way for the thousands of bondage photographers who followed him on the Internet. Excited by the new medium, he decided to maximize its potential by retouching more than a thousand of his original photos, then posting them to Usenet.  Here's what happened, in his own words:

Welp, the SH series is over. The last official number is 1184. I had
a notebook filled with sheets of negatives - 2 inches or more thick -
solid bondage pulcritude, and I wanted to show you guys how much good
stuff we did back about 20 years ago. But....I was new to the digital
age, only had a computer for a few months, didn't have any idea about
digital photo processing, and had no way to scan the photos. So...I
elected to send out a feeler to a guy who at the time was posting in
abpeb alot, and seemed to know what he was doing, to see if I could
get some help in bringing these pics to the 'net. I'm not even sure
of the name anymore (?Lafond?) - haven't seen him around lately - I
sent him a proposal, and got no response. My second choice was Mike
Peter (of the mptr series)...the E-mail was titled "A proposal"...and
the rest, as they say, is history. Neither I nor Mike have saved that

We began by scanning prints, and some of the original Sean Harper
mags. I sent them off to him (thousands of miles), he scanned and
processed them with PhotoShop, and sent the stuff back. The chosen
models and positions were a greatest hits patchwork at first, and
many of those early scans were subsequently replaced by scans from
negs and slides. Then the best of the bunch were done - the slides.
The Lee Swensons and Jana Sanders color scans from slides were
perfect...pure sensual perfection...and are unmatched in quality by
anything I've seen on the 'net (with the possible exception of some
of Felix Dartmouth's scans). And at some point after that, Mike said
he could scan negatives - and we were off and running! From A to
Uschi - the whole notebook was picked through, the best were chosen,
and every scratch and imperfection was meticulously removed through
PhotoShop. Yes, there are a bunch of SH tie-ups that haven't been
represented. For a while, I didn't even have a camera, and there were
lots of busy shoots where I just didn't get time to do anything but
dress, tie, untie, dress, tie...(poor Sean :-( ). So if your favorite
SH situation never appeared, I'm sorry.......it won't be coming.

That brings us to Mike Peter. Mike has selflessly spent countless
hours working on this material over almost 2 years - for no other
reason but the love of great bondage photographs. By the end of the
series, I also had PShop and was helping with some of the scratch
removal work, but 95% or more of the work was done by Mike for me and
for you. These negs had been abused and stored for almost 20 years -
they were not in good shape. (Mike - send a pre-PShop pic for all of
them to see.) We owe him great and effusive thanks. I want all of you
to grab your wives and girlfriends, tie them up real tight, take a
couple pics, and send them to Mike - he deserves them. And now, if
we're lucky, we'll start seeing the mptr series again..... Thanks
Mike - you are a great and cherished friend.

Keep your eyes peeled for the official SH series CD - if Harmony
lets us do it, you can bet Mike and I will have some great surprises
in store for you. Thanks for listening. My 15 minutes of fame are
officially over.

Sean Harper

Note: Mike Peter passed away shortly after this project was completed (his own excellent photoworks can still be found around the net under the "MPTR" rubric).

When I launched the first version of my web site in 1997, I was fortunate enough to secure permission from Sean and Mike to decorate the home page with their photographs, and even frame them as demonstrated below, a dubious habit I continue to this day.

Scroll down to tour the gallery of Sean Harper photographs as presented on AdrianHunter.com circa 1997-99.  Click on an image to view the full-size version, then use your "back" button to return to the gallery.

S E A N    H A R P E R





















Sean Harper produced these photos for Harmony Concepts, although no official compilation of his works, either print or digital, has been issued by the company to date. Archives BBS, among other sites, contains an extensive selection in its permanent database.

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