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Studio Ironcat To Publish Popular Webcomic



Fredart Studios, L.L.C., today announced that Studio Ironcat, L.C.C., has entered into agreement to publish the first print collection of the popular online webcomic, Megatokyo™. A highly admired example of the genre, the Megatokyo™ webcomic attracts a loyal and growing number of readers who visit the site  looking for further escapades in the lives of Piro and Largo, an avid anime fan and a hardcore gamer stuck in Japan, as they misadventure through Tokyo, enjoying mayhem, zombies,  bouts of depression, the possibility of romance, and more zombies.


"To me, the collections are very important because they let people see all the details they miss in the lower resolution versions available on the website.  I believe that there must be special content that makes it worth buying for people who have already read the comic online,” said Fred Gallagher, artist and creative force behind Megatoyko™. "I'm working with Studio Ironcat to produce a high quality book that is more than just a collection of comics - it needs to capture a little bit of what makes MT what it is, and they are giving me the creative control to do it the way I think it needs to be done, and I'm very excited about the whole process."


“We're really excited about being able to work on Megatokyo together and we're sure that it will be a long and prosperous relationship,” says Kei Blue, Domestic Affairs Manager for Studio Ironcat.


The Megatokyo™ collection will be over 120 pages, and printed in prestige format. Also included will be a whole host of information and special extras for the print edition only.


Set to go on sale in December, the Megatokyo™ Collection will be available through online orders, comic shops, and bookstores. The cover price will be $8.95. Preorders will be available immediately in person at conventions and online within two weeks at http://www.ironcat.com/.

The Megatokyo™ webcomic can be found at http://www.megatokyo.com/, where new episodes are released two to three times per week, as well as community pages for the enormous fan community.

"Megatokyo represents a step away from the character-oriented model of American comic books and toward a more Japanese style of storytelling.  The fan base has been building for two years, with a wide-reaching audience ranging from comic book fans looking for a new story to gamers looking for humor, to anime fans who can relate to the protagonists," says Dominic Nguyen, the editor of Megatokyo.  "Our partnership with Ironcat will bring us to an entirely new audience, outside the boundaries of the internet."

About Fredart Studios:

Fredart Studios is the personal studio of Fred Gallagher, artist, author, and co-creator of the popular online webcomic Megatokyo™. Megatokyo™ is one of the most viewed comics on the Internet, with over 275,000 unique visitors viewing the site daily and over 18 million hits each month. Information can be found online at http://www.fredart.com/ and http://www.megatokyo.com/.

About Studio Ironcat:

Studio Ironcat, L.L.C., is one of the leading publishers of Japanese Manga in the U.S. Our published works include Narumi Kakinouchi’s Vampire Princess Miyu and Vampire Yui, Hiroshi Aro’s Futaba-kun Change, and GoNagai’s classic Cutie Honey. Studio Ironcat can be found on the web at http://www.ironcat.com/.