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Attitude: how to adjust the attitude of your boat on water


Formulas and Data

Fuel: difference between American and metric systems on how to rate the mixture.                           

Preventing and correcting problems

Safety:  Shark Racing FailSafeBC 

Technical Sheets



Flywheel balancer - Make one with Jeff Thompson tips

How to assemble a R/C boat

How to disassemble your engine: Making the right tools

Water jacket for a slanted plug engine - How to in pics

Drive Train:

Knowing your prop - edited by Paul Govostes himself

Improving your propeller - by Mike T.

Propellers - Balancing and sharpening


Antennas: how to calculate the correct length

Batteries: which one, why and how


Carburetors: Bulletin: how to install and adjust a carb. A technical article by the President of Warehouse Hobbies

From Walbro Service Manual: Exploded view

                            Walbro WA   Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

                            Walbro WT    Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

                            Walbro WYK Part 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 and

                            Trouble shooting

Carb - Choosing the ideal one

Design of a Tuned Pipe

Diagrams:  Homelite 25 Stock 

                 Homelite 30 Stock            

                 Homelite 30 Cobra

                 Homelite 30 Enforcer  (thanks to Jeff Thompson)

                 Homelite 30 JT Mild    (thanks to Jeff Thompson)

                 Homelite 30 MAG3     (thanks to Jeff Thompson)

                 Husqvarna 32 Stock 

                 JG 25

                 Kioritz 25 Stock

                 Kioritz 38 Stock

                 Kioritz 38 Shark I

                 Quick Draw 25

                 Quick Draw 35 A4P

                 Sthil Standard

                 Zenoah G-23 Stock

                 Zenoah G-23 HyperTorque Marine II

                 Zenoah G-23 RCBoatWorks

                 Zenoah G-23 Shark II

                 Zenoah 231 Std (thanks Mike Hoffmeister)

                 Zenoah 260 Std (thanks Mike Hoffmeister)

                 Zenoah G-42

                 Zenoah G-23 MDd

Engine Timing: step-by-step how to

Manuals: QuickDraw Manual: a compilation of the manual that comes with every QD engine

              Zenoah G-23 Manual: a compilation 

Hopping-up a R/C engine

Spark Plugs

2-Stroke engine - How it works


           ABC propellers

           Octura propellers

           Prather propellers

           PropWork propellers

           RRProp Shop propellers

           TideWater propellers

           All brands propellers

           Radio frequencies

           Futaba servos

           Hitec servos

           Tower servos

           Walbro carbs - venturi size, identification and use

           Drill diameter x thread size

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