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Posted by Unknown on July 23, 2001 at 11:49:54:

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By early May, with rumors circulating that Welles was trying to embarrass the Rio government by filming in Rio's "favelas" or slums, as well as filming illegal Voodoo ceremonies, the positive facade maintained by the RKO/Mercury publicity department began to crumble, and Rio papers began to attack the increasingly drawn out production-

May 13, 1942 Letter from unknown author (excerpt):

...I have heard there were criticisms about the work done by Orson Welles in Brazil. Someone here has unjustly accused the producer of oversights when shooting Brazilian aspects. This rumor, if true, has it's usefullness, for it proves that Orson Welles is thoroughly incorporated into Brazilian movies, and his work may truly be called a Brazillian production. He is so thoroughly incorporated that he is already being criticized. This reminds me of a story about the sailor and a sardine. I will tell it:
There was an extremely courageous sailor in the South Seas. He was renowned for his courage in diving in the waters infested by sharks, having sometimes to face them with a knife in his hand. His struggles with whales, octopuses and sharks caused everyone astonishment. It seemed that even the fishes were afraid of him. But one day, he was seen no more. It was known afterwards that he had died. Someone informed, indifferently, that it was a sardine he ate and had disagreed with him. It would be the limit that shooting in Brazil had been the sailor's sardine to Orson Welles. He is, as everyone knows, a producer of wonderful qualities. His work on the American stage and the broadcasts and lately in the movies eliminate completely any doubt that could exist in connection with his work amongst us. Welles has too much flair to make mistakes in the taking up of Brazilian scenes...

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