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Ok another banger, the Mk2 Granada Hearse needed another skin so heres one, go get from the addons page, also Startrax press release updated on the banger racing page.


Press release from Startrax on the banger racing page....... new banger comming soon...........


Ok here's the banger Datsun 200L as promised, get it from the addons page, theres a couple more bangers to come soon so stay tuned.....


Heres my latest car, a 1978 Datsun 200L, its got a kinda cool 70's retro vibe going for it so go get from the Carma2 page, and its only 3000ish polys so it should run fine of most peoples systems.....and yes I will make a banger version before you ask, when I can be arsed that is :)


Just a quick note to say I have re-uploaded both Crowns as there were a few bugs which I have now fixed, so you may want to download them again.


Due to popular demand I have done a 'stock' version of the Toyota Crown, go get from the Carma2 page, and check out the Hit of the Week (or should that be month...) its straight out of Hollywood! :-) mucho fun to be had playing around with the friction levels in C2....


First off I would like to thank the 2 drivers who bothered to turn up for the Buxton team meeting last weekend, Tim Rodgers and Michael Howard. Thanks guys you did me proud, shame we were let down by a couple of muppets.....

Ok new car time, anyone who has been paying attention to the CWA board will be familiar my latest car for Carmageddon 2, its that 'riced up' Toyota Crown! so go get it from the Carma2 page...... oh btw if you don't like the purple tough, I do :p reskin it yourself...... :-)


Get over to Buxton Raceway on Sunday 22nd for their team meeting, 100 cars now booked! should be a cracker! and cheer on Team SoD :) full booking list now up on the banger racing page aswell as a press release from TSR....


The updated booking list for the Buxton team meeting, 22nd September has been posted on the banger racing page with one very interesting addition, yes team Seduction of Destruction! I'd like to thank all the drivers who has agreed to do it so far, we still need 1 more so if anyone is interested email me.


Yes I know I said I would not be doing anymore bangers but Carlos Perez had such a nice car at Buxton, and since he is no longer in the Blooz Boyz and I had a model already done it seemed daft not too, so go get it from the addons page. You may want to remove the old Carlos Perez car using Carstocalypse first, also DON'T use this car in Carmageddon 2 if you have installed my Crowning Gory as they conflict with each other, a bit of lazyness on my part, sorry.


Yet another new Carma2 car! well its not really a car as such, its called Doom Train and its another post-apoc style thingy, its just a bit of fun, so go get it from the Carma2 page.

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