Quotacular "Wearin' nothing neath' your pants! Trust Silver's Long Johns! They breathe!" -Guybrush Threepwood
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01-April-03 - April fools! ;p
Ah April fools, one of my most favorite days of the year. I hope you enjoyed that little bit of silliness. Anyhoo, on to the comic. As promised here's the second part of Open Mic series. That's Ryu from Ninja Gaiden just for reference, also featured in the FAQ. The last comic will be on Friday. Enjoy!
Well now, THIS was an unexpected an awesome cameo from Troy's Bucket :D
New featured comic up, Pipingrad! This comic is made of two very funny strips which never cease to get a laugh out of me. Very reminiscent of Don Hertzfeldt's work. I'll probably put Monster Monkey back up there in the future when the site is less broken. Both very cool comics.
Lastly for anyone who's bought an MPG shirt. Despite the fact the images are showing up as big red Xs on cafepress occasionally, everything is still printing and shipping as normal. Just a server glitch on their side so the shirts aren't affected. Also Thanks for the support :D You guys kick so much ass.
30-Mar-03 - I want this game.. NOW!
The matrix game trailer is out.. FUCKING COOL!
Also the next two comics are done and they'll be up on Tuesday and Friday. Huzza! I should also have some new shirt/poster designs up soon. That is if Cafepress would upload correctly ;p
28-Mar-03 - Really I'm not dead.. I'm getting betta!
Relax, I'm not dead. Remind me never to let this thing go with out an update for so long ever again. Anyhoo! For the next week it'll be this amateur comedy night skit (3 or so comics). Continuity ahoy!
Shouts and props to all you British comics out there. Bollox will be holding St. George's Day Piss up! To find out more about it, direct your mouse over here.
Also, if you haven't picked up a copy of Wind Waker yet, there's something wrong with you. It's such sweet sweet sugar and I'm it's candy assed bitch.
Peace out ya'll!
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