March Postcard Diaries: A new postcard for each day of the month. Coming soon!   NEW! This American Life Illustrations: A gallery of animated cartoons done for the TAL website  

GorillaSuit SoundSystem: An interactive DJ game featuring a gorilla and frog on the wheels of steel. Our most popular feature.

  NEW! Hot Pink: A punk rock retelling of Snow White. Done when I was 11 years old, way back in the 1980's. Dude!  

NEW! Wednesday: A full-blown animated short that is both impossibly cute and beautifully strange.

  NEW! Superbowl 666: Photos from an art show / kegger / riot held in honor of the 2002 Superbowl   NEW! 900 lb. GORILLA: Excerpts from a 32 page comic produced in July 2002. Now available in the gorillasuit store.
  NEW! "Out of the Frying Pan into the Lake of Fire": Gorillasuit attempts to get polictical in this comic. The results are decidedly mixed.   NEW Horoscopes: We invite you to gaze into the crystal ball.  


  Scary Monster: A flash animation about a large, fuzzy, orange, blood-thirsty monster with a heart of gold
  The Magic Pants: The title speaks for itself.   GorillaSuit Ping Pong Disaster:An flash movie about a table tennis match between a Gorilla and an unknown foe...   Naked News: This very website was featured on the Naked News. Go figure...   February Post-It Note Diaries: A different drawing on a post-it note displayed for everyday of Feb. 2001
  Coffee Octopus: A flash animation about a cup of hot joe. Truly disgusting!   Choose Your Own Adventure Funnies: A jungle comic where you determine the ending...   The Little Gent's Xmas: His name is the Little Gent. On this particular Christmas he goes to Mars.   Mouse Birthday: The first flash animation I did. In it two mice blow out the candles on their cake. Totally gross!
  Monkey Pants: This Monkey is going shopping!   The Little Gent's Thanksgiving:A holiday comic about the Little Gent finding a pilgrim's hat.  

Gorilla Suit 101:A wordless comic drawn in 1997. This strip is where it all got started...

  GorillaSuit Makes it Big:The 2nd comic I did for the site where our hero inadvertantly becomes a celebrity.