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Welcome to Eszter's Weblog Here you will find my thoughts and comments about all sorts of things from sociology, the Internet, academia, teaching, research, books and movies to current events, fun Web stuff, art, gadgets and just about anything else that comes to mind. If the inspiration strikes you during your visit, feel free to leave a note via the comments link.

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"More on Iraq"
03/22/2003 Entry

Nick Denton's site seems to be a good source of interesting tidbits about the war. Today, he tried to map the the advance of US and UK forces in Iraq.

For lots of links on all sorts of information about Iraq, try this page. Don't get discouraged that the links are in Hungarian, most of the material they point to is in English. To help you navigate:
hírek = news
történelem = history
olaj = oil
kultúra = culture
érdekes = interesting
háború = war
hit = beliefs (religion, spirituality)
szomszédok = neighbors
városok = cities

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March 2003

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