Inside MacPlay Issue 2 - April 2003

Look Out—Snowball Run Rolls Onto Computers Everywhere

MacPlay to Distribute Virtual Programming Games in the U.S.—First Up: Europa Universalis II

MacPlay and Mumbo Jumbo Ship Super GameHouse Collection; Office Workers Rejoice

Create Custom Labels or All Computer Discs With Pressit®

Inside MacPlay Issue 1 - March 2003

MacPlay Announces Super Holiday Specials With Something for Every Macintosh User!

· Power Mac G3/233 MHz
· 64 MB RAM
· OpenGL-compatible video card
· MacOS 8.6


You're about to experience a Heretic revelation like no other. Powerfully intense action. Divine 3-D worlds. Almighty weapons and spells. And awe-inspiring third-person gameplay: a true out of body experience.

Based on id Software's Quake II engine, Heretic II successfully blends first-person shooter action with a third-person camera to create an entirely new game genre. Heretic II plunges you into a deep, compelling game combining brutal face-to-face combat and mystery-laden adventure. Gamers travel through complex, richly detailed environments filled with stunning special effects, wicked magic spells, detailed characters, vivid artwork and challenging level designs.

Beginning many years after the original Heretic, Heretic II sets you upon an epic quest across an entire continent to find a means to cleanse a world infected with a deadly magical plague that has victimized the people of the realm. As Corvus - the character from Heretic who has been banished to the Outer Worlds by D'sparil - you perform a variety of acrobatic, swimming and climbing maneuvers in order to penetrate the mystery of the plague. Exploring city, swamp, canyon and dungeon levels, you use a variety of offensive and defensive spells such as the Sphere of Annihilation, Repulsion and Fireball in conjunction with a magical bow and staff to defeat a multitude of insane plague-ridden denizens of Parthoris.

  • 3-D animation and gameplay built on the Quake II engine
  • Wield magical powers, cast spells and unleash animated weapons
  • Stunning special effects, environmental realism, and a smart camera that stays with the action
  • Cooperative/deathmatch multiplayer will make you a believer

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