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Welcome to the Bill Ketron for State Senate campaign web site.  Bill Ketron is a common sense conservative who wants to take his background as a small business owner and community leader to Nashville to help restore trust, accountability, and fiscal responsibility to state government.  

Bill Ketron is well qualified to represent the citizens of the newly created 13th District, and has the integrity to earn and maintain their trust.  Bill Ketron stands with the taxpayers of Tennessee, not the liberal leadership in Nashville.  If elected, Bill Ketron promises to work hard toward solving Tennessee's budget woes through Spending Reform (including eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse from TennCare), and to vigirously oppose a state income tax.

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Tennessee does not have a tax problem, Tennessee has a spending problem, and Bill Ketron plans to use his business background to help fix that problem and focus on a brighter tomorrow for all Tennesseans.

Bill Ketron for State Senate

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