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Title: Memento Limited Edition

Studio: Columbia/Tri-Star

Region: U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories

Submitted By: Insane Ian

Submitted On: May 30th, 2002

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Easter Egg
5 Eggs!
Access The Egg
Here are the five eggs, including the special chronological version of the movie, and the easiest way to get to them:

Okay, first, before you know how to get to the easter eggs, you need to know how to get to the REGULAR special features first. It's fairly easy, just select one of the following pictures, and keep selecting choice "c" on each question until you get to the feature. The question JUST before you get to the feature will always have an "exit" choice at the bottom left corner of the screen, and usually play music in the background. All of these are on the second disc.

Anatomy Of A Scene-Sundance Featurette: Skull
Shooting Script: Book
Trailers: Binoculars
International Art Campaign: Globe
Production Stills & Sketches: Compas
Original Short Story: Clock, then when you get to the 6th and final question (put the pictures in chronological order), select the following pictures: 2nd, 1st, 4th then 3rd.

As i'm sure you can guess, that's also how you choose to watch the movie in it's chornological order. When you take the clock path to the 6th question, just put the pictures in thier REVERSE chronological order (3rd, 4th, 1st then 2nd). It begins with the end credits running backwards.

Bootleg Art: Take the Skull path until you get to the 3rd question ("what is missing"). Choose "e", then choose "d" on the next screen.

Cocnept art: Take the Binoculars path until you get to the 5th question ("which switches"), choose "c" to get to the Trailers options like you normally would, but instead of choosing "a" or "b" for a trailer option, choose ANY of the other choices to get to the next question. On the question where you're asked which choice means "empty", choose "a".

Journal: Take the Compas path until you get to the 4th question, and select "c" to get to the Production Stills like you normally would. After either cycling through them or choosing "exit", choose "c" on the chair question ("which best represents your choice?").

DVD Credits: Take the Clock path until you get to the 5th question ("why are they laughing at you?"). Choose "d".

That's It! Enjoy!

Insane Ian