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03/05/2003 CONSUMER ALERT - Refund Recovery Software


News Release #030103
Issued: 03/05/2003
Contact: Ken Vander Meeden
616-774-8236 or E-mail:


Refund Recovery Software
d/b/a Overnight Recovery Refund
4400 North Scottsdale Road, #165
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

In February 2003 the BBB of Western Michigan received an unsolicited e-mail from the above firm. Review of the information provided as well as the company's website indicates that they sell a software package to track refunds that are due from Fed Ex and/or UPS because of late deliveries.

While the offer is made to both businesses and consumers, it appears that the Refund Recovery Software targets individuals who wish to work at home. For a fee of $77.00 plus shipping and handling, the company will provide a software package that processes airbills and produces a report listing which packages were delivered late, and are therefore, eligible for a refund. The individual working from home becomes an independent refund processor.

The information does not state how the independent processor goes about obtaining clients. The Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan contacted both Fed Ex and UPS. Both companies were familiar with this offer and stated that they were in no way related to or affiliated with Refund Recovery Software.

Fed Ex stated that their clients can track and verify delivery of packages at no cost on the company's website. Additionally, if the package is delivered late, a refund can also be requested at no cost on the company's website.

UPS stated that their clients can track and verify delivery of packages at no cost on the company's website. UPS does have a guaranteed delivery policy, however, certain stipulations must be met to be eligible for a refund. Additionally, the company's policy states that UPS reserves the right to refuse any request for a credit or refund when such a request is either (a) made by, or (b) based on information obtained by, a party other than the payer of the shipping charges.

Ken Vander Meeden, BBB-WMI President, stated,

"During difficult economic times, many people are searching for work to do at home. Work at home companies prey on these individuals. The bottom line is that this firm is selling information regarding a service that is available free directly from the shippers. The income opportunity available to independent processors is limited, at best."

The Phoenix BBB reports that the company has an unsatisfactory record due to a pattern of unanswered complaints. Complaints generally allege misrepresentation of the product being offered and inability to reach company representatives.

In general, the Better Business Bureau suggests using extreme caution when responding to any work at home offer. While ads claim high earnings and short hours with little or no experience, Bureau files nationwide indicate no evidence of anyone making the promised money. Rarely, if ever, are these ads an offer of legitimate employment. Generally, these "jobs" require up-front fees for information or supplies, and only the person who ran the ad makes any money.

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