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OLP Confirm No Summersault & Apologize For Skipping Halifax
Tuesday December 12, 2000 @ 03:30 PM
By: Staff

They Said They're Sorry Halifax! (photo by Jason Lee)
They Said They're Sorry Halifax! (photo by Jason Lee)

By Darrin Keene

Our Lady Peace greeted the press and select fans after their show at Toronto's Phoenix to discuss Spiritual Machines and their current club tour. Facing a tumultuous trek to Ottawa on this horrible stormy night, OLP stuck around to field heavy questions from Rolling Stone writer wannabes about charity and world peace. That's what they get for performing John Lennon's "Imagine" during the show.

As usual, ChartAttack was there to ask the really relevant questions. It's fair to say there are a significant number of loyal OLP fans in Halifax, but they didn't get a gig for this fan-focussed "Cross-Canada" tour. On behalf of our inquiring Halifax readers, I asked OLP why they passed on the East Coast's music capital, which has a fair number of clubs and bars.

The band immediately answered with a collective "We're very sorry." Guitarist Mike Turner noted it was a "logistics problem." Lead singer Raine Maida then went on to talk about the state of live music in general: "We were really surprised when we tried to schedule this thing. For whatever reason, I had no idea that live music is dying in Canada, from what people are telling us who book in clubs and stuff. It's tough right now, I guess, for people to book clubs and keep them going."

OLP do plan to start touring again in "summer, or spring, in Canada," and Raine was adamant that "if we do a full-scale tour, it will include Halifax." Drummer Jeremy Taggart mentioned that Halifax was the best Summersault show this year. It was also the second best attended stop on the tour, with only Barrie's Molson Park gig pulling in more people.

Speaking of Summersault, it appears to be a no-go for this summer. Jeremy compared their previous festivals to "Lollapalooza in '92 or '93, when all the bands were really fresh and really new and into playing. Toward the end of Lollapalooza, it was just like, you know, who's available? Whereas with Summersault, it's like, we're not going to do it unless we can get the people that will think it's cool. And that's why it's not going to happen this summer."

OLP's focus right now is Spiritual Machines, which was released today. It's the group's first "concept album," inspired by futurist Ray Kurzweil's book, The Age of Spiritual Machines. Kurzweil was contacted by Mike via email and ended up reciting passages from the book between songs.

Mike recalled how he found the book: "I happened to be lucky enough to discover a really shiny book cover in a book store. I wish I could say it was like, 'Well, I've been on this intellectual quest.' I picked it up, read it and went mental."

On the subject of going mental, some conference participants appeared to be on their own intellectual quests, asking questions as if they were speaking to Kurzweil himself. The best one came from an overzealous individual who asked if the new album was "a soundtrack for humanity or a soundtrack for machines." OLP's response: "This is a rock record!"

Among the other questions asked by budding Barbara Walters proteges were: "In the process of evolution from the amoebas, to the fish, on out to the ape, where do you think Our Lady Peace stands?" Best response: "Primordial ooze." And "If you guys were a genre of film, like action-adventure, romantic comedy, science fiction what would you guys be?" Best answer: "We'd be a lot of different sections."

Throughout the conference, OLP played the consummate professionals, catering to the fans and media alike while the winter's wrath awaited them on the trip to Ottawa, where they play Carleton University tonight. Hopefully, they thought of some of the questions posed during this conference and were quickly lulled to sleep during the trip.

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