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Leeds Grand Mosque - Khutba - Battle of Badr

Khutbah - The Battle of Badr

Friday sermon, 24th December 1999

The First Sermon

'And Allah made you victorious at Badr, so fear Allah so that you may be grateful '.

Dear honourable Muslims,

The news came from the Islamic military intelligence to the Prophet (Sala Alahu Alaihi Wa Salam) that there was a caravan belonging to Quraish on its way from Syria to Mecca, and passing by al-Madina, so the Prophet(Sala Alahu Alaihi Wa Salam) wanted to strike an economic embargo on the pagans through ambushing their caravans.

He consulted his companions then set off on Jumma the 7th of Ramadan on the 2nd year of Hijra.

But Abu Sufyan managed to escape with the caravan while Quraish insisted to came out to fight, out of pride and arrogance and in order to be a hurdle for the people to the path of Allah.

Abu Jahal said: ''By Allah we will not return unless we get to Badr, and stay therein for three days slaughtering camels, and feed the people, and drink alcohol and get the women singers to sing for us, so that all the Arabs hear our news so that they continuo to fear us'.

Then the messenger (Sala Alahu Alaihi Wa Salam) informed his companions that Allah had promised to grant him one of the two; either the camels or Quraish itself.

Then he consulted his companions and surveyed their opinions.

So Al-Moqdad Ibn Amr said on behalf of the Muhajreen: 'Carry on to what Allah had commanded you, by Allah we will not say to you like the children of Israel said to Musa, go you and your Lord and fight, we are sitting down here, but instead we will say, go you and your Lord and fight, we are with you will be fighting'.

The chief of Al-Ansar, Sa'ad Ibn M'aath (Radi Allahu Anhu) said: 'Strike wherever you wish, and bring close to you whoever you wish, and sever whoever you wish, and take from our wealth whatever you wish, even if you brought us along that sea and you we through it, we would come through it with you too, we do not hate that you take us to meet our enemy tomorrow, we indeed are patient people at wars, truthful at the combat, and perhaps Allah will show you something from our actions that will satisfy your

So the Prophet (Sala Alahu Alaihi Wa Salam) was happy having heard the words of Al-Muhajreen and of Al-Ansaar, then he said: 'Get ready to set of, and I transmit to you the good news, by Allah, as if now, I can see the death of these people'.

Then he set of towards the battle field and chose the best place after consultation, and supplicated for victory saying: 'O Allah, here is Quraish came with its own pride, arrogance, and horses, fighting You and belying Your Messenger, O Allah Your victory You have promised me, O Allah Your covenant and Your promise, O Allah if You allow this battalion to perish today, You shall not be worshiped'.

This sincere call was recorded in the Qur'an being recited until the Day of Resurrection: 'And remember when you supplicated sincerely to your Lord, then He responded to you'.

Then he (Sala Alahu Alaihi Wa Salam) nodded for a while and came out reciting: 'The group will be defeated and will run away', reached for a handful of dust and threw it in the faces of Kuffar saying: 'The faces ??', 'You did not throw when you threw, but it was Allah who threw'.

The battle takes place between the regiment of truth and the regiments of falsehood, but the many groups were defeated and turned their backs and ran, from among them killed, were 70, most of them from their knights and leaders, 70 were captured, and the rest ran away.

And thus, the fear possess the hearts of the enemies of Allah, and were given to drink their own death instead of alcohol, the women wept for them instead of the signers sing for them, that was the summary of the battle, and lets my beloved in Allah, have some lessons from that event briefly.

Victory at battles does not come from great numbers, or abundance of weapons, instead it come from the power of the spiritual convection of the soldiers.

The Muslim army was only a third of the pagans army, but it represented the pure, and the glowing Imaan, and the desire to fall martyr seeking the rewards of Allah and His Paradise.

As to the army of paganism, it indeed represented the corrupted creed, and the decadence of morals, and the drowning in desires, like the armies of the Arabs today, and if we looked to each army were doing before the launch of fighting, we find the pagans drinking alcohol while signers were singing for them and beating the drums for them, and fires were set in arrogance and pride, as to the Muslim front, the situations was very different, Muslims are directed to their Lord in their hearts, asking Him to grant them victory, and wishing for Shahadah, and smelling the scents of paradise, while the Prophet (Sala Alahu Alaihi Wa Salam) falls down in prostration supplicating asking his Lord for victory to his believing servants.

The results was that the pious became victorious, and the players were defeated as was expressed by Dr. Mustafa Al-Siba'y (Rahemahi Allah) in his valuable book on the Prophet's biography.

Also, the complete and comprehensive understanding for this religion is one of the important lessons, the task of the believer is to bring people to worship the Lord of the worlds, and to make the religion of Allah the supreme one upon every other methodology, Allah said: 'It is Him who sent His messenger with guidance, and the religion of truth to make it supreme over all religions'.

So, anybody stand as a hurdle in the way of its spread must be fought against, the real worship is not confined upon prayer and fasting only, in fact, the One who made fasting obligatory is the same One who made fighting obligatory, and the One who said: 'Fasting has been prescribed for you', is the same One who said: 'Fighting has been prescribed for you', so both are worship.

Allah universal law has been that He will make victorious those who believe in Him, and that He will defeat those that hold animosity towards Him or associate himself to other than Allah: 'Our word came fast to our serving messengers that they are the ones to be victorious, and that our soldiers will be the winners'.

Hence, whoever connect himself to Allah, will most certainly be victorious, not the connection of the party, or to the tribe, or east or west.

Yesterday people had Russia as their ally and took up her ideology, so they became abandoned and humiliated, and today others taking America as their ally calling her the ally and the friend, and the chose to live like her tail, so we say to them, wait for a while when she abandons you and humiliate you.

A man came to Omar (Radi Allahu Anhu) bringing him the good news of a victory, so Omar asked: 'When did the battle begin ?', he said: 'In the morning', Omar asked: 'And when did you achieve victory?', he said: 'In the night', so Omar got hold of his head and said: 'Allah, Allah falsehood can not be patient from morning to night unless you have committed some sins'.

He also sent a letter to one of his commanders when he learned that their conquest is taking time and said to him: 'By Allah I do not fear for you the numbers of your enemy, but I fear for you the increase in your sins'.

Therefore, my beloved brothers, Quds today will not be liberated except at the those hands in Wudu and clean, Quds will never be liberated upon with the corrupted belief in befriending the Kufaar, and the soiled hands of persecuting the believers.

The poet describe these as:

You find them upon the nation as vicious lions
And during battles you find them as shaking deers.
Of the lessons too, is planning and taking proper measures, alongside supplications and the sincere dependence and trust in Allah.

Notice my beloved brothers how did the Prophet (Sala Alahu Alaihi Wa Salam) divided the army; A front as a patrolling battalion headed by Talha Ibn Ubaid Allah and Sa'eed Ibn Zade, then the Muhajreen battalion headed by Ali Ibn Abi Talib (Radi Allahu Anhu), then the battalion of Al-Ansaar headed by Sa'd Ibn Mu'aath, then the trailing battalion headed by Qaise In Abi Sa'sa'ah, the flag was carried by Mus'ab Ibn Omair (Radi Allahu Anhu).

Then he (Sala Alahu Alaihi Wa Salam) chose the source of the spring water as the camping field after listening to the opinion of Al-Khabaab Ibn Al-Monthir (Radi Allahu Anhu), also he build round the water source a structure so that to prevent the camp of Kufir from drinking form it, and many more successful plans that time does not allow us to mention.

One of the greatest lessons, dear brothers and sisters, is the Jihadi upbringing for the youth, and the role of the Mujahidat of the women, and the role of the virtues mother. The poet says:

The mother is a school If you educate her, you educate a nation with great manners.

Do you know mothers, and sisters who killed Abu Jahal? Do you know brothers who killed the Pharaoh of this Ummah like what the Prophet(Sala Alahu Alaihi Wa Salam) called him? It was two youth, their mother Afraa Bint Ubaid (Radi Allahu Anha) nurtured them, and brother them up to love Jihad and Shahadah: They are Mo'aath and Mo'awath the two young Mujahids, I leave the storey to be narrated by the companion Abdulrahman Ibnmn Aouf (Radi Allahu Anhu), he said: 'I was in the row on the day of Badr, so I looked right and looked left were two youths, as if I was not happy with their position, one of them said to me secretly for his companion not to hear: Uncle ! show me Abu Jahal, I said, my nephew what do you want of him, he said I made a pledge to Allah that if I saw I will kill him and I dye, then the other one said to me secretly like what his companion had already said.

At that moment I became so happy being among them two, and I would not have become happier if I was between two men instead of them.

So I pointed out Abu Jahal to them both, so they flew towards him like two falcons until the stricken him and they were the two sons of Afraa' .

This story is in Bukhari.

By the likes of those youth, our Quds will be liberated, and our lands will be cleansed for the filth of the Kufar.

The poet says:

The were youth subduing the hights for themselves
And never knew any other religion but Islam
When attending battles you find them lions
Pounding the garrisons and the centres
When night falls you only see them
From fear nothing but in prostration
Youth that nights never broke
And never handed over to the enemy the
They never knew the songs
But the supremacy was turned into tunes.

The Second Sermon

Imaam Ahmed narrated that when the pagans arrived to Badr, the messenger of Allah (Sala Alahu Alaihi Wa Salam) said to his companions: 'Get up to go to a paradise the size of heaven and earth', Omair Ibn Al-Hamam Al-Ansari said: 'O Messenger of Allah, a paradise the size of heaven and earth? He said: Yes, he said Bakhi Bakh(a phrase said by Arabs to indicate surprise and amusement), the messenger of Allah said: what makes you say Bakhi Bakh ? He said no O Messenger of Allah only hoping that I become one of its inhabitants, he said to him you are of its inhabitants, so he took out a handful of dates he had in his pouch, and started to eat them, then he said: If I am still alive until I finish eating these dates, it is indeed a too long life, then he threw the rest away and ran to fight until he obtained Shahadah and was repeating lines saying

Running to Allah with no provisions
Except piety and deeds for the meeting
And patience for Allah in Jihad
And every provision will perish
Except for piety and good deeds and guidance'

Prepared by Ghassan Al-Basri, translated by Mohammed Salih.

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