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Naturopathic Medicine

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine blends centuries-old natural, non-toxic therapies with current advances in the study of health and human systems, covering all aspects of family health from prenatal to geriatric care.

Naturopathic medicine concentrates on whole-patient wellness-the medicine is tailored to the patient and emphasizes prevention and self-care. Naturopathic medicine attempts to find the underlying cause of the patient’s condition rather than focusing solely on symptomatic treatment. Naturopathic physicians cooperate with all other branches of medical science referring patients to other practitioners for diagnosis or treatment when appropriate.

Learn more about the world of naturopathic medicine...

Naturopathic medicine offers health care for a changing world.
Naturopathic medicine celebrates the healing power of nature.
Naturopathic physicians are primary care providers.
Naturopathic physicians are rigorously trained.
Naturopathic medicine gains federal support.
Naturopathic physician FAQ
Naturopathic health resources

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