Binnenkort vind je hier de agenda 2001.


Who went to the medieval convent schools?
How did your grandmother and grandfather learn to read?
How were children punished 400 years ago?

They got corporal punishment!

You can discover the answers to these and many more questions in the Museum of Education.
The nicest school of the Netherlands!



What can you do and see in the Museum of Education???
Underneath you can read all about it!

Have a look in completely reconstructed school- and classrooms, from a convent school of 1200 to a 1960s classroom and experience how children went to school in the past.

In the special Work-classroom of 1920 you will take a seat in an old school desk. Just try, just like in the old days......fold your arms, straighten your back and put your feet on the plank! Dip your crown pen in the in the ink and try to write as nicely as possible. Take care, stay within the lines neatly and don't make stains!
For kids of all ages. For the youngest ones there are slates with special slate pencils and colouring pictures of Dutch children's books.


Celebrate your birthday in the Museum of Education!


Birthday parties

Celebrate your birthday in the museum together with your friends! During a birthday party you will visit all schools and classes , from the convent school of 1200 to the classroom of 1960. In the work-classroom of 1920 you and your group will attend a festive lesson and you can treat everyone with old fashioned Dutch sweets. There is a surprise for all the children and you will get a present of course.

for kids aged
4-12 years.
Price: Dfl. 35,26 / € 16,00 plus Dfl. 2,20/ € 0,50 per kid, plus Dfl. 3,31 / € 1,50 per adult
reservation obligatory!

To the adults