In March of 1987, The Pixies (Black Francis, Joey Santiago, David Lovering and Mrs. John Murphy) recorded seventeen songs at Fort Apache Studios in Boston. From this collection, which has subsequently come to be known amongst die hard Pixies' fans as "The Purple Tape," eight songs were chosen to comprise the Pixies' first album, Come on Pilgrim. spinART Records presents the remaining nine tracks on this new release, The Pixies. In addition to the original version of "Here Comes Your Man," this collection features the previously unreleased "Rock A My Soul" as well as the studio version of "In Heaven" previously only available as live track on the single "Gigantic." The Pixies' nine songs are part and parcel of the history of a ground breaking band displaying the off kilter themes and mix of turbulent sounds which reverberated throughout the band's abbreviated career; a career that itself reverberated throughout the ensuing ten years.

Pixies CD Released 2002

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