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monday, april 14

11:49 PM

Working till 9 PM when you are a office drone is not fun. At least I can feel subversive by blasting loud music out loud at my desk. I can't even claim all of it as OT cuz I have to go have an ultrasound on Wednesday morning and I'll be late for work.

Don't worry, I'm not pregnant. My doctor's office phoned me last week saying that my doctor wanted me to get an ultrasound cuz the blood test results from my physical said that certain levels of stuff that have something to do with my liver were up. Before the decision of ultrasound, I had to give more blood first to see if my liver was still being strange, which evidently it was. I was told to get a follow up appointment with my doctor after I had these tests, and I have made the appointment, but I'm a little frustrated that I'm getting all these tests done without really knowing why or *what they could indicate*. Unless I'm the first or second appointment of the day at my doctor's office, I end up waiting for at least 45 minutes to an hour and a half past my appointment time, and then they tell me they don't have time to have my full appointment and that makes me insane. I understand why (all the other patients are sicker than me), but it still makes me crazy.

I'm not as worried as I first was - I feel absolutely normal (read: fine), and I'm not yellow from jaundice or anything, and I haven't been going on benders, so I think my liver is just being ornery for attention-getting purposes. I'd poke it but then it would swell up more and that would fuck up the ultrasound even more. And that would be silly.

monday, april 7

11:43 PM

now that i should be asleep so i can be pleasant for work tomorrow, i can't seem to close my eyes. listening to sean pseudo-snore beside me was too cruel so i got out of bed again. i try not to be one of those lifepartners who wakes up the other one just to say "i can't sleep" but i really, really want to right now. That'll teach him for going to bed at a sensible hour after working all day when i've been home napping and not doing much of anything of substance.

my teeth are feeling much better - one side is a little achy, but nothing i can't handle. i'm still eating soft foods but they are getting more solid as the hours progress. many thanks to everyone who called, emailled and left comments on the site - your thoughts were mucho appreciated.

i'm definitely going back to work tomorrow. the dentist wrote me a note that said i could be legitimately excused till friday but that would eat all of my sick days for the year, and while i rarely use 'em, i feel better if i have some just in case i have to go to a funeral or something. i'm rather liking this whole lie around the house thing, but if i did it full time, i imagine sean would expect me to clean it more thoroughly and that's a whole can of worms i choose not to open. never mind the little fact that i can't afford to be a lady of leisure cuz then the rent wouldn't get paid.

time to try going to sleep again.

saturday, april 5

1:29 PM

Well, the freezing is finally gone. Now I can drink without dribbling and talk properly. I could actually talk fairly well by mid-afternoon yesterday, but it's nice that my lip no longer feels like it's twice as big as my head.

I've stopped bleeding, but I seem to be tasting a lot of blood, but that's from the blood clots that are healing so that's a good sign. The stitches aren't making me crazy yet, but I'm sure they will be when my mouth stops hurting. Speaking of hurting, I just took an extra strength Tylenol and a full Percoset around an hour ago and my teeth are still uncomfortable. I think the rest of me feels a little loopy but I can't tell. I'll probably have to have a nap later, but right now it's ice cream time since that's the only soft and mushy stuff that in the house appeals to me right now. (although applesauce is good too). If it wasn't so yucky out, I would go to the grocery store and find more things that are mushy but taste good.

friday, april 4

9:38 PM

This morning all four of my wisdom teeth were pulled. I'm doing much better than I thought I would. The anesthetic didn't make me nauseous (they explained that it was different than a general anesthetic by the kinds of drugs that are in it). That was my biggest fear, since I am such a puke-phobic. I was in surgery for about 45 minutes (I asked, since time stopped while I was under sedation and all), and all four teeth came out whole. Naturally, when I was asked if I wanted to keep them I said yes, so pictures will be forthcoming soon.

I'm not in a lot of pain right now, but I've also taken two extra strength Tylenols as 1 Percoset that I've taken in halves separately. My freezing hasn't completely come off yet, but I'm a lot less frozen than I was so I can feel my teeth, but they only really hurt when I smile. The most annoying thing is that I'm dribbling like crazy when I drink (juice thankyouverymuch) and that my mouth constantly felt full of blood and saliva, and I kept putting Kleenex and my cloth to get all that out, since rinsing is still a no-no. Tomorrow will probably not be so pleasant cuz the freezing ahould be worn off by then and I'll probably start swelling anytime now. At least I can talk without sounding like a total goofball..

So now it's soft, mushy food for the next few days - how boring. At least Sean got me ice cream, which we never have in the house. I'm trying not to throw the whole Weight Watchers thing out the window though so I'm trying to come up with weight friendly alternatives to go with the ice cream that don't totally suck and don't crunch. I'm feeling a little like Homer Simpson in the episode where Selma takes Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens cuz Homer is suffering from evil-hoagie love and its repercussions:

Lisa (on her way to Duff Gardens): Bye, Dad, don't eat any solids.
Homer (standing pathetically watching the kids and Selma leave): But I love solids.

I'll probably be complaining by tomorrow so I'm going to ride this part out as best I can. At least all four came out so I don't have to do it again. Oh, and the anesthetic and laughing gas was fun for the five minutes I was awake to enjoy it. "No I don't feel anything. Oh waitaminute, now I do (insert feeling of tripping out until one of the people working on me said "she's fighting it" and then I realized I should just close my eyes already).

saturday, march 29

11:58 PM

The blog section of this site is celebrating it's third birthday today. if you look back in the archives, you won't see my original test posts, but I know I started it on march 29th. It is also Sean's and my 7th anniversary today. I really feel like our relationship has matured over the years. At least we still like each other, and Sean still makes me laugh. I guess we'll keep each other - stay together for the cat at least.

I joined a gym again. I'm really excited about it since it has a pool and it's close to my work as well as weight and cardio machines and lots of classes. I'm really trying to get healthy. I joined Weight Watchers just over five weeks ago and I've lost 11.6 pounds so far. This is good stuff. I haven't talked about it here cuz a) I haven't talked about much of anything here lately and b) it seems that weight stuff is all I talk about lately. My mom calls me and asks me how I did each week. I really appreciate the support, but I wish that my mom would talk to me about stuff besides my weight and my sister's wedding. Both of these things are very important, but not the be-all and end-all of my life.

But yes, the gym - I'm going to start doing water aerobics again, and weight training and yoga classes. Really and truly. I'm so excited at the idea of becoming truly healthy. I'm proud that the phrase running through my head as of late is "Self, you can do anything you want to if you just put your mind to it." It's still scary, but empowering at the same time.

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