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Trading Freedom for Security
When it comes to many of the "anti-terror" policies and laws being fastened upon us, the "cure" may be more deadly than the disease.

Kerry Postures as a War Hero
As a presidential hopeful, Senator John Kerry touts his military experience. But 30 years ago he led anti-war protests and marched alongside revolutionary Communists.


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Patriot Act / Patriot Act II

Trading Freedom for Security - May 5, 2003
When it comes to many of the "anti-terror" policies and laws being fastened upon us, the "cure" may be more deadly than the disease.

The Un-American Patriot Act - January 14, 2002
The new USA Patriot Act, enacted in response to the September 11th terrorist attacks, could pose more of a threat to personal liberty than to terrorists.

Additional Resources

Patriot Act of 2001

Patriot Act II - Draft Legislation - (12.3 Meg Adobe Acrobat PDF)

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