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Privateers and Pirates

AU: Juan Garcia
He's a seventeenth century privateer in the service of Spain. In October 1622 he sailed out of Duinkerken together with two other privateers. They were commanded by Jan Jacobsen and Pedro de la Plesa. When he sailed out of Oostende he was spotted immediately by a Dutch ship. The yacht, who's Captain was Jacob Volckertzoon Vinck, cut his mooring lines and joined the fleet commanded by the Dutch Admiral Harman Kleuter. Kleuter immediately set out to capture the privateer from Duinkerken. He was joined by the squadron of the commander Lambert Hendrikszoon of Den Briel when he attacked. Juan Garcia and Pedro de la Plesa judged it wiser to try to escape the 9 attacking ships, but Jacobsen apparantly decided to hold out, or protect their retreat.

AA: Thomas Gayner
English privateer who received a commission of Prince Frederik Hendrik of Orange in 1633. Gayner was ordered to attack the Island of Tobago that was then in the posession of Spain. He landed there with 200 men and was named Commander. Later he was deposed, probably by a Spanish force combined with attacks by Indians.

AN: Cornelis Gerrits
Gerrits was active as a privateer at the beginning of the 18th century. He was the Captain of the ship the Neptunus, a ship that carried 40 cannons. He sailed together with Pieter Hamers, Captain of the Concordia which carried 28 cannons, in the spring of 1707. On 16 March 1707 he spotted a French man-of-war South West of the Scilly Isles. Initially only Gerrits attacked, but when it became obvious that he was losing he was joined by Hamers. The french ship the Bourbon was caught between two fires. Heavily damaged by the attacks of two ships the Commander of the Bourbon, the count Arquien, was forced to surrender. Gerrits and Hamers brought the ship via Wight to the city Rammekens after which Gerrits reported to the ship owner in Middelburg. The Admiralty of Zeeland received the report on 2 april 1707 and decided to reward both captains with a silver cup with a gilded lid. The Ship owner received an award of fl. 96,900.= guilders and rebuild the Bourbon. The ship was renamed the Gekroonde Burg and fitted out for privateering.

AO: Jochem Gommerts
18th century Dutch privateer. Captain on the ship Jonge Krijgsman. A ships journal is preserved of his voyage from 7 December 1708 to 6 February 1710

AOa: Dirk Gorissen (15.. - 1599)
Privateer active in 1599 from the port of Duinkerken. In this year he was captured and he and his crew were taken to the port of Amsterdam in September. Dutch sailors who were imprisoned in Duinkerken were forced to write letters asking the Staten Generaal of The Dutch Republic for the release of the privateers of Duinkerken. The threats and demands for ransom or an exchange of prisoners were not effective. Gorissen and his crew were executed.

AP: Graete Pier

AQ: Grote Wierd
Frysian pirate in the first half of the 16th century.

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