The Game Creation System is a set of software tools which enable people to create 3D action games with no programming. Build your game levels with simple mouse click-n-drag operations. Then sell your games for $$$ or give them away for free. The GCS is royalty-free, so even if your game makes millions, you don't owe us a dime.

Click on the picture at left to download Max Resistance, an example game which a single person created from scratch using the GCS. For other downloads, see the Support page, and the Freebies at left margin.

See for yourself what you can make with the GCS!

12.08.2002 - The Pie GCS is featured in this month's Electronic Gaming Monthly

The mass-market gaming magazine EGM has an article on Game Design, and they have some pretty flattering praise for the GCS! Click Here

11.12.2001 - A GCS game "Pencil Whipped" is a finalist in the top 10 of the IGF awards!

Every year, the Independent Games Festival makes its choice of the top 10 computer games. Click Here to get the complete story!

01.07.2001 - See the News section for more info.

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