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Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Topic: CAL Central Preds - Week 10
Posted: 11:53 PM EST
Author: dracuss

cya in the forums

Saturday, April 19, 2003
Topic: Dramaqueen Award
Posted: 3:41 AM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

April's Dramaqueen has been named. Check it out on the forums under the Drama thread.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Topic: Map review.
Posted: 6:59 PM EST
Author: Skillzilla

W00T a new map review. Go check it out. kthx -___-

Topic: Fro's Monologue
Posted: 8:44 AM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

I just couldn't resist posting this. Many people in the community know FroMaestro from Clan cX. However, not many of you know about his late night rants. When no one else is around, he will go off on extremely long narratives. BY HIMSELF! It's too funny and it's about time you guys got to enjoy some of his anger riddled writing.

You can view the rant by going to the editorials section on the left or just
click here

Topic: Ratings Updated
Posted: 4:09 AM EST
Author: Howler

Well, the NS match ratings have been updated and the new top ten list has been published. We had some movement this week with HAM reappearing on the list after announcing they will not be merging with sYn, eR forfeiting this week against Team One, and ue recording a tie versus X/0. Let's not forget that these ratings are still missing the eve/HAM match that will be played this Saturday.

This week we have a few matches that will shape next weeks top ten list: ReD vs One, eR vs SiD, X/0 vs DG, ue vs GoM, HAM vs eve (finally), and also HAM vs sYn. We could see some major changes when next monday rolls around. As always, we have a few hopefuls edging closer to a top ten berth, including, TAU, GoM, and DG. Good luck to all in CAL this coming weekend.

Monday, April 14, 2003
Topic: CAL Central Preds - Week 9
Posted: 7:00 PM EST
Author: dracuss

cya in the forums

Topic: CAL Atlantic Preds - Week 9
Posted: 2:59 AM EST
Author: STD-Goosey

<--------- Enjoy! ;)

-> Recently I have found out many of the newer/weaker clans which I bash are really taking offense and are having their moral hurt by my predictions. I apologize and I ask you clans to please not take my predictions the wrong way. I am NOT trying to be rude, only entertaining. Please don't lose hope~ just keep practicing and perhaps one day you will be on the other end of my predictions, with your opponents being bashed! Please remember I write these for entertainment purposes only. <-


Tuesday, April 8, 2003
Topic: CAL Central Preds - Week 8
Posted: 6:13 PM EST
Author: dracuss

cya in the forums

Topic: CAL Atlantic Preds - Week 8
Posted: 5:48 PM EST
Author: STD-Goosey

<--------- Click and enjoy.

Topic: Cal Pacific Preds - Week 8
Posted: 1:51 AM EST
Author: akiro

My preds are up, predict away for yourselves in the forums.

Monday, April 7, 2003
Topic: New Editorial
Posted: 8:23 PM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

Cole just submitted a great insight into why clans disband or merge. It's a good read, go check it out!

Topic: NSA-I Champions
Posted: 9:00 AM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

NSA-Invitational Finals
Map: ns_nothing

Round 1: [ReD] aliens > eve marines in 11:41
Allthough it took too long for eve to reach ReD's hive location, they did a great job of getting in there and pressuring cargo bay foyer. However, ReD was able keep their Gorge alive and while he built D Chambers behind the hive, they had another Gorge in the tunnel system healing the hive. I'd like to know how close that hive was to death though. ReD counter rushed and was able to take eve down to one last marine, as soon as he entered the command chair to build a portal, ReD moved in to finish it.

Round 2: [ReD] marines > eve aliens in 8:25
Pretty quick round. ReD went against what they're known for, being conservative and taking their time. They entered Viaduct like they owned the place. by the time eve got back to their hive, all but one D chamber had died. Poor Mulock got stuck behind the hive and was the only alien alive while two marines pelted the hive with bullets. ReD did a good job of getting their whole team over to the hive and then it was over, just as quick as started.

Both teams rule, plain and simple. However, it was ReD's night. Congratulations to ReD for being named the NS Archives Invitational Champions. They will get a few bonuses and perks from NS Archives that are, as of now, undisclosed. Stop by their channel and pat em' on the back. -#redemption-

Download ZIP File (5.3 MB)

Sunday, April 6, 2003
Topic: Ask the Expert
Posted: 12:00 PM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

NS Archives has a new Expert guys. He's Mr.RadicalEd. He should be going through the current questions as we speak, so make sure to go there and ask your NS related questions now.

Topic: Forum Update
Posted: 11:57 AM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

The NS Archives Forums have been updated and modified. New sections have been added and some have been deleted. So make sure to go check out the new discussions and post your thoughts.

Saturday, April 5, 2003
Topic: v1.1 Playtesting
Posted: 2:40 AM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

Flayra has contacted some key individuals in the Clan Community to set up a team of playtesters for the NS v1.1 release. The list of clans that have representatives in the playtest are listed below:

Team eve
unatural evolution
evolution Revolution
Cannabilistic Rituals, Inc.
Panda Brigade
Clan one
critical eXtinction
and Storm Troopers of Death

It has been stated that the NS Dev team sees the value of the clan community in the popularity and future of the mod and they want an accurate representation of all exploits found in the new release.

Congrats to all that have been named playtesters. Let's help out Flayra and the Dev team make this the very diversified and unique mod it is intended to be. See ya in the servers.

Topic: New Staff
Posted: 1:51 AM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

Please welcome Goosey and Akiro to the NS Archives staff everyone. Goosey will be taking over for HAMICHI in the Atlantic division and Akiro is now the Pacific Pontificator. Look for their posts here in the upcoming weeks.

Thursday, April 3, 2003
Topic: Cal Atlantic Preds
Posted: 4:18 PM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

They're up. Looks like I'll be doing them until we find someone else. I also need someone to do CAL Pacific. Send me an email or idle in #archives and let me know why you're the person for the job.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003
Topic: CAL Pacific Predictions Up
Posted: 11:46 PM EST
Author: erilane

<--- click

Monday, March 31, 2003
Topic: NSA-I Finals
Posted: 10:18 AM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

Two teams remain.
Team eve from the Eastern division.
Redemption from the Western division.
They will face off this coming weekend for all the marbles. Both teams have fought through adversity and come out on top of the heap as two of the best clans in Natural Selection. Either team can win the championship as they both have the skill to take them through this final match. Who will show up with their game on this Sunday and who will wish they had? We'll have to wait until Monday to find out the results. But, if you get the chance, stop by their irc channels and wish them both luck.

Team eve - #teameve irc.gamesnet.net
Redemption - #redemption irc.gamesnet.net

Thank you to all teams that participated in the first of many community invitational tournaments hosted by NS Archives. Also, congrats and good luck go out to both teams in the final match.

Sunday, March 30, 2003
Topic: CAL Central Preds
Posted: 3:41 PM EST
Author: dracuss

They're up. Discuss in the forums.

Friday, March 28, 2003
Topic: CAL Atlantic Preds
Posted: 10:25 PM EST
Author: kenichi

Yeah I know its late, but people have lives outside of irc. Tests and essays....

Anyway, as usual go flame on the forums. :P

Sorry im late.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Topic: v1.1 Info
Posted: 2:44 PM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

Flayra has released some new info on the details concerning NS v1.1. He has not mentioned a release date yet, but it's looking more and more mouth watering by the day. Here is the official post from ns.org!

The NS team continues to make progress on v1.1. So far the team has been relatively quiet about the contents of this update, but here is some new information to prepare you (all contents subject to change). Many of these ideas came directly from the community, as the most suggested changes:

NS v1.1 changelog
- More diversity of tactics, along with more play-time at the 2 and 3 hive stages
- Fewer stalemates
- Simpler resource model (multiple gorges will be viable)
- Faster and more intense gameplay (average game time in v1.04 is 22 minutes, v1.1 target is around half that, though epic games still possible)
- Commander improvements
- Hotgroups for soldiers and structures (soldiers are notified, "You are squad four"). Hotgroup icons blink when under attack.
- Warcraft III style "idle peon" messages
- Always draw player names for commander
- Much better hotkey support (fully customizable)
- Select all players button/bind

- Alien upgrade improvements (all paths viable)
- Sensory chambers are now automatically cloaked, and they cloak other alien structures in range (including hives, resource towers, offensive chambers, etc.)
- Movement chambers now give aliens energy, like defensive chambers give health. Unsure if teleport ability will stay.
- Silence upgrade now silences movement and attacks (it's incredibly eerie)

- HLTV support (including first-person view while waiting to respawn)
- VALVe Anti-Cheat (VAC) and Cheating Death (CD) support
- Changes to tournament mode to support CAL
- Collision improvements (no "jittering" when crouching on structures, structure hitboxes much more accurate, etc.)
- Skulk bite and machine gun muzzle flash obscure view less
- Improved demo record/playback functionality (particles, scoreboard, etc.). Demos recorded before v1.1 will still work in v1.1.
- Improved alien pop-up menu is simpler and more intuitive, context-sensitive cursor
- All known exploits fixed (frame-rate advantage, etc.)
- Fewer "stuck" issues with Onos and blink
- New Onos abilities allow him to stomp the ground to stun nearby enemies, then devour enemies whole (they are slowly digested, during which time they can be saved by killing the creature)
- Skulk model orients properly when running on wall! Possible option for transforming first-person view
- Lerk physics changes to make him easier to control
- Huge server performance improvements (should be around half the CPU usage)
- New marine technology: electrified turret factory upgrade, does damage to enemies touching factory
- New effects: sentries smoke when they fire, alien structures splatter goo when destroyed
- Updated existing maps for balance, performance and flow, and new maps (at least three)

There is no release date planned for v1.1 at this time. Playtesting hasn't started on it either, though the features above are almost complete.

Topic: NSA-I Conf. Champs
Posted: 2:36 PM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

Congratulations to all teams that won their conference and are moving on to the final four sudden death championship round. This tournament has come a long way since it's conception. There have been a few setbacks and a couple of bad occurances, but all in all, I'd have to say this tournament was a success. I can't wait to crown a champion and begin the next tournament. Thanks go out to all teams that participated in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Alpha Division Champions
Clan sYndiCate - sYn - #syn - syn.fatkao.com

Beta Division Champions
Team eve - eve - #teameve - --None--

Delta Division Champions
Redemption - [ReD] - #redemption - redemption.orphus.com

Echo Division Champions
evolution Revolution - eR| - #eR - www.team-er.owns.it

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Topic: CAL Central Preds
Posted: 12:20 AM EST
Author: dracuss

They're up flame me in the forums :)

Monday, March 24, 2003
Topic: NSA-I Rules
Posted: 12:20 PM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

The Official rules for the tournament are completed. I expected to NOT need these until the next tournament, but it seems I was wrong and my trust in certain members of the community to use their common sense was misplaced. Anyway, they rules were modified from the CAL rules (for now) until I have time to actually sit down and write a full blown list of rules. No disrespect is intended to CAL or the individual who wrote these rules. It's juat a temporary fix for me and your rules were the best I could find. They will have their own link soon, but for now you can view and/or download the rules here

Please read them thoroughly as I will NOT go through what I went through last night ever again.

Topic: Cartoons Updated
Posted: 5:14 AM EST
Author: TheNaySayer

SuperNorn was nice enough to give us some more great cartoons to read. Go check em out on the NS Cartoons link or click here

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