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webmail down up
We've been updating our server with new webmail and during that time you couldn't access it (while the imap was working btw). It is all fixed n' sound now, we're sorry for any inconvinience.
.Boose|15-04-2003 - 13:48 pm |.

WASTED is right here
Here, this is a place to visit: WASTED! If you're a hardcore Carmageddonist, you'll find our new network site pretty nice (carma way). With more and more classic carmageddon stuff poping each day you'll find it a great place for your downloading needs. Goodluck with wasting!
.Boose|13-10-2002 - 19:00 pm |.

Hey look! It's Boose and he still can type...
I'm back from unhealthy long vocation and trying to get back on the road, passing through thesame lazyness factory. Just to let you now, i'm here and you can always contact me through my e-mail.
.Boose|4-09-2002 - 19:11 pm |.

That's all...
... i'm out. You can still reach me @ Wish me luck and fun ;) The Beast is at charge of everything. If you need any server assistance mail Elendal over at
.Boose|27-04-2002 - 14:06 pm |.

e-mail problems as such...
First of all, since we've got a CARMAGEDDON website hosted (Planet Maim that is) and both domains ( and are directed here, you go visit them, they're gaining speed fast! I'm glad you guys are cool with the server! On another note what isn't cool is that our polygonized mail is messed up. And i urge anyone who had an account... and hell, who wants an account ;) (for a limited time) mail me up to my spare addy - with the desired login/password for your maillbox coming alive again. I'm sorry for the inconvinience, but i'll be able to fix the problem only in another day or two (far from home right now).

Overall development is going slow. I hate to admit it, but i have very little time to do everything i planned. And it's frankly speaking gets delayed for a few months. I will be leaving on 27th till July. So if you want anything from me, spit it out, and do it fast, or i won't be able to help you out.

But what's the best part is that i'm happy =) You heard me, it's like a never-ending stock of good beer has invaded me. Happy about everything. Nothing in particular, but feels good anyway. Dunno why i mentioned it... but i think you can make some use of my current mood, make my ass to do something good or i dunno... you know the drill ;)

Boose's out.

.Boose|18-04-2002 - 02:16 am |.

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