April 18, 2003


April 21st at THE CASTLE.
Max goes acoustic, also with Rachael Cantu { featuring Matt from Paris, TX & AM/FM [ polyvinyl records. ] } [ no J. Bannon. ]

The Castle
15 Royal Street -- 3rd floor
Allston MA

Show is $3 and starts around 8.

3 minutes outside of Main Boston.

[ note: the castle is a house show venue. ]

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April 14, 2003

April 21st in Boston
Max will be playing a show along with Jacob Bannon of Converge doing solo stuff.
More Info will be announced as i get it... it might just possibly be a house show.

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April 06, 2003

Everyone should email Max and wish him a happy 19th birthday!


[it's tomorrow. ]

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March 24, 2003

from mr. bemis:

hello say anything friends and lovers-

i have been floating around the country for the past month doing demos, taking meetings, drinking, frisbeeing and taking photos. the shows i have been playing in NY have been fun, and were at my old college and my friends' colleges so i got to party Old Schoolstyle for the first time since i dropped out. i head back to l.a in a few days for a couple of weeks. exciting. then i go back to the east coast in mid april. we plan on recording threesongs in Boston with Paul Kolderie, a bad ass motherfucker who has worked with Pixies, Hole, Dinasaur Jr, and many more ridiculously good bands. We figure any man who both produced Piebald's "We Are The Only Friends That We Have" and mixed Radiohead's "The Bends" is a man worth not only bowing down to but recording some songs with. We plan on laying down "But a Fleeting Illness" again, "Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat", and one more song, possibly 'The Presidential Suite'.

We are going to compare those to the demos we produced with Paul Trust of Sunday Driver in FL, some of which will be posted within a week, and decide how we want to make the first record.

We have some cool news about upcoming releases. We have at least three releases planned for the rest of the year and maybe more. Our full length, tentatively titled "Zona! Zona!" will be out by the end of the year on Doghouse Records, most likely in the Fall. We will also be releasing an acoustic 7 inch in June on ECA Records (Dave from Doghouse's own and Senses Fail's old label) entitled "Belt" after a song that will appear on both the seven inch and our full length cd, and a split cd with a TBA band on Big Wheel Recreation\ Doghouse. An additional EP may also be released featuring "lo-fi" recordings of some songs that won't appear on the record, on an awesome TBA label.

We are still putting together a touring band, though many people have taken interest, we still have not hired anyone and are still planning to audition guitarists bass players and keyboardists...we are going to have 4-6 piece band, so whatever skills you have, please apply. must be able to tour full time starting this summer. email me at for that shit.

Our new website is being designed by and is looking totally awesome right now though i have only seen layouts. Suffice to say it fits the darker , more mature direction the band is moving in as of late.

I have been writing countless new songs over the past month to round out the first record and they are getting weirder and crazier by the day.i hope you all dont stop listening to my music now that i have gone completely nuts. they are still catchy but be warned, not much like our older stuff.

anyway look for some more updates over the next month(s)

love yall

[ note: i know nothing of whats going on.. this is the first ive heard of any of this [ except the split. ] so yeah.. i know nothing [ what else is new. ] .. oh & thanks for sam for proofreading & editing this update. -- <3 sheli. ]

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March 12, 2003

who ever decided to post on the msg board that skidmore was canceled.. you suck because i was stupid enough to even remotely think you were right. [ yet again i'm a moron. ]

anyhow, Skidmore did happen, and it was last night.. no idea how it went though.

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March 09, 2003

Akiva [ the wise ] posted this in the comments section and akiva knows all so i dont doubt him at all.. here:

The Sarah Lawrence show is this monday night March 10th in the CoffeeHaus (located in lower level MacCracken Student Center). Everyone is welcome, it's not just for students. I don't know anything about the Skidmore gig, though.

ill try to find out info on the skidmore show.

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March 08, 2003

Max is playing New York..

2 college shows.. Sarah Lawrence & Skidmore, and we have no idea when..

Coby said max might be playing Sarah Lawrence tonight, or might have already been last night.. and Skidmore is sometime in the next few days.

So if you can find out, go go go. max's first shows as a signed artist.

if you find out anything, or if we do first, we'll post.

No idea if these colleges allow non-students to go to the shows.

Rock? [ this was pointless. ]

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