Old News from November 27, 2000 until January 29, 2001

PFLP-GC group receives safehouse in Norway, rumors of threats

06/01/2001 (29/01/01) VERDENS GANG (Norway) (translation from Norwegian: yours truly) Oslo police have provided safe houses to six former members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine after their lives were threatened by the organization. The men defected from the Front and provided information to Norwegian and Scottish investigators about the group's involvement in the 1988 Pan-Am plane crash over the city of Lockerbie in Scotland. Several or all of the defectors have been moved from their homes to safe places in Norway - after indications of concrete threats against them.

To the outer world, the Norwegian Secret Service keeps a giant silence in regard to every information about the 6 defectors. The 6 have given astonishing information about the Lockerbie-attack against Pan Am 103 in 1988. "Earlier, we confirmed that we were working with the Lockerbie case. But we do not want to give more details about our engagement or about possible actions of increased security", says assisting superintendant Stein Vale. Verdens Gang has earlier written that the defectors, who have been directly or indirectly tied with the feared, militant Palestinian organization PFLP-GC, had provided information that tie the very same organisation to the terror act (of Pan Am 103).

Sources tell Verdens Gang that the leadership of PFLP-GC lately has tried to map any travel patterns of one or more of the defectors, who currently are situated in Norway, living under the protection of the Norwegian Security Service. This surveillance was particularly directed towards two of the defectors, who have family and friends in beograd in Serbia. Via the Norwegian Security SErvice, the defectors have given the Scottish Court (in the Netherlands) access to a large number of documents, authored by the notorious bomb professor Mobdi Goben. In the document Goben claims that several of his collegues were behind the bloody raid (i.e. Lockerbie). Several defectors have been interviewed by the Scottish Court in late October on reasons of this document. The interviews took place at Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel in Oslo (capitol of Norway).

Three of the defectors did appear on the witness list and were expected to have witnessed against the two Libyans. The mentioned three were the widow of Mobdi Goben, his son and a bodyguard. (note: but that did not happen as defence chose to end their submission without the witnesses due to the lack of cooperation from Syria). Their testimonies could have strenghtened the chance of an aquital of the two Libyans Abdelbasset al-Megrahi and Lameen Khalifa Fhima. An aquittal could stir international sensation and lead to new investigations into the PFLP-GC and the Syrian trail.

NB! This above article appeared in the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang under the headline "POT strikes terror alarm", written by Ian Ferguson and Kjetill Stormark. Apologies for the late publication on this site.

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    Libyans fear plot to seize 103 pair

    28/01/2001 THE SUNDAY HERALD (UK) The United Nations has put in place a dramatic security operation to get the two Libyans accused of the Lockerbie bombing safely home from Holland if they are found not guilty next month. The two men will be secretly flown out, accompanied by an international fighter jet escort under orders to shoot down any western planes that approach the aircraft convoy.

    The plan is sanctioned by the United Nations, and is part of the deal brokered by Nelson Mandela to get Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi and Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah to stand trial at the special Scottish criminal court convened in the Netherlands near Camp Zeist for charges of mass murder. The three judges who are to decide the guilt or innocence of the pair will reveal on Tuesday the date on which they will give their verdict. A verdict could be handed down as early as Wednesday. How ever, most insiders believe the verdict will come on February 6.

    The Sunday Herald has learned that if Megrahi and Fhimah are acquitted, the Libyans will be flown immediately by helicopter from Camp Zeist, a former American air base near Utrecht, to a Dutch military airbase for transfer to Tripoli. Britain turned Camp Zeist into a courthouse and prison for the two Libyans. The total cost of the trial is thought to be around £50 million. From Camp Zeist, the Libyans are expected to go to Valkenberg air force base in Holland under armed guard where they will board an Italian military transport plane. Once the Libyans are on board, the transporter will become a UN-designated and protected aircraft with guaranteed safe passage to Libya. A UN protected air corridor has also been opened up from Holland to Libya, over the Mediterranean Sea, for the transporter's route to Tripoli.

    No other aircraft will be permitted to enter the air corridor for the duration of the Libyans' journey home. Any plane that breaches the air corridor will be radioed warnings that they are in violation of UN authority. If an unauthorised plane refuses to leave the air corridor it will be deemed an enemy target and the fighter escort will open fire on it. The fighter escort will be led by Italian air crews with some French assistance. The planes will be equipped with state-of-the-art missile technology. One of the Italian pilots shortlisted to fly in the escort said: "We are armed and authorised to use lethal force. What is the point of having an air escort if you are not going to back it up with force?" Another source said: "The fighter escort has been arranged as the Libyan government genuinely fears that in the event of a not guilty verdict America, in particular, may try to force the plane to land in a bid to capture the two Libyans. "They fear that once the plane is forced down the Americans will try to 'kidnap' Megrahi and Fhimah and fly them to the US to stand trial."

    America downed a foreign aircraft in 1985 after the negotiated end of a hostage crisis in an attempt to capture Palestinian terrorists, despite assurances that the plane would not be interfered with. The incident followed the capture of the Achille Lauro cruise ship by Palestinian terrorists in the Mediterranean. The crisis resulted in the murder of an elderly wheelchair-bound Jewish man from New York. The Palestinian commander surrendered on condition that his team would be flown to Tunis. American jets intercepted the Egyptian airliner they were on and forced it to and in Sicily. "Libya genuinely fears a repeat of the end of the Achille Lauro crisis," a source said.

    If Megrahi and Fhimah are found guilty they will stage an immediate appeal. This would be heard at Camp Zeist with the two accused present, and still held in the prison adjacent to the courthouse. If they fail at this appeal, their defence counsel will lodge a final appeal with the European Court. However, defendants do not attend this stage of the appeal process and Megrahi and Fhimah would be transferred to Scotland to begin life sentences. In Scotland, Megrahi and Fhimah would be sent to Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow. They would be put in the former special unit, which was once home to some of Scotland's most notorious criminals, including Jimmy Boyle, the Glasgow gangster. The specia l unit has now been dubbed "the Gadaffi CafŽ" by prison staff in anticipation of the Libyans' arrival. The pair would remain in Barlinnie pending their European appeal.

    If they then lose the appeal they will remain behind bars in Scotland. If they win, they will be flown under the UN scheme from Scotland to Libya. Talks have already been held at diplomatic levels to discuss the ending of UN sanctions against Libya. The sanctions are expected to end once the trial concludes.

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    Controversal witness congratulates defence team

    25/01/2001 AOUDE MEDIA Edwin Bollier was the target of the closing sumbission from the defence team in the Lockerbie bombing trial. Bill Taylor, QC, called him a liar and a thoroughly unreliable witness. In July last year, he and his co-worker Erwin Meister took a hot stand with fires from both sides; defence and prosecution. Now Ed Bollier takes the surprising opportunity to thank the defence team for their "brilliant task" in defending the two Libyans during trial proceedings.

  • Read the congratulation from MEBO, dated Jan. 24, 2001

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    Muntasser negotiated the surrenderLockerbie mediator dies

    23/01/2001 CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Former Libyan Foreign Minister Omar al-Muntasser, who had a hand in the deal that led to "extradition" of the two Lockerbie bombing suspects, died Tuesday after an illness, Libyan state television reported. Al-Muntasser was one of the closest associates of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, state television said in a report monitored by the British Broadcasting Corp.

    He served two stints as foreign minister, the second lasting from the early 1990s until March 2000. During that time, he played a significant role in negotiations that led Libya to hand over the two citizens wanted for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. In April 1999 the Libyan government surrendered the two suspects for trial in a Scottish court in the Netherlands, and a U.N. air embargo on Libya was suspended. The men's trial for the 270 Lockerbie deaths has been going on for months. Judges are now deliberating in the case.

    In 1998, during the protracted extradition negotiations, al-Muntasser said Libya was not trying to delay the trial of the Lockerbie suspects but that it wanted to ensure the ``honesty'' of the court. Al-Muntasser came from a prominent family in Misratah, 125 miles east of Tripoli. He had been close to the Libyan leader since the 1969 coup that brought Gadhafi to power. Gadhafi promoted him to the Cabinet in the early 1970s, made him foreign minister in the early 1980s and then appointed him to other posts. He regained the foreign portfolio in the early 1990s.

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    British, U.S. envoys meet Libya on Lockerbie trial

    23+25 /01/2001 UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Britain and the U.S. quietly met Libya's U.N. ambassador on Tuesday to prepare for the Lockerbie trial verdict, which could pave the way for the lifting of U.N. sanctions against the Arab nation. Diplomats gave few details except to say that Tripoli needed to comply with U.N. Security Council resolutions imposed before the trial began of two Libyans accused of the mid-air bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in late 1988. The three ambassadors were believed to have attempted to set a timetable for discussions on the sanctions and whatever other details in the resolution remained unresolved. Much of this will depend on the verdict.

    Attending the meeting at the United Nations were James Cunningham, the acting U.S. ambassador; Jeremy Greenstock, the British U.N. ambassador; and Abuzed Omar Dorda, Libya's chief U.N. representative. The sanctions were suspended in April 1999 after two men accused of the bombing were extradited to face the Scottish court in the Netherlands. In practice, the embargoes have no validity since they cannot be reimposed without another vote by the council. A Foreign Office spokesman said: "The purpose was to take note of the fact that the trial of the two Libyans accused of the Lockerbie bombing is expected to produce a verdict soon and to make arrangements for additional meetings following the verdict."

    Background info:

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    Full coverage of 38th week in the Lockerbie bombing trial

    18/01/2001 After months of testimony, judges on Thursday began deliberations on the fate of two Libyans accused of blowing up Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Lord Ranald Sutherland, the president of the court, said the judges would reconvene on Jan. 30, but would not deliver a ruling on that date. However, they may indicate then when they would be ready to give a judgment. "There is a great deal of material," Sutherland said. "It will obviously take us a considerable amount of time in order to arrive at a verdict."

    LOCKERBIE BOMBING TRIAL WEEK 38 (16.01-19.01, 2001)
    updated 18.01. 2001

    A full review for each week from beginning of trial in May until now, on this page:

    Before the verdict: famous last words

    14/01/2001 AOUDE MEDIA As the trial is about to end, some of the important protagonists involved - lawyers, relatives, investigators, journalists and witnesses - will have their final say on these pages. This upcoming weekend people like Edwin Bollier, Anthony Meli, Robert Black and many others will give their final comment. It will be their last chance to sum up things before hearing the verdict everybody is waiting for.

    Also, read and view the many newspapers-articles in the World press. This month last editorials are written on the final stage of the Lockerbie bombing trial.

    Before the verdict: the final comments

    US TV chiefs in plea over Lockerbie verdict time

    14/01/2001 THE SUNDAY RECORD (UK) The Scots judges in the Lockerbie case have been asked to time their ruling to suit US television. TV bosses and families of the dead have secretly lobbied law chiefs to have the verdict delivered at 2pm - so it can make the breakfast-time news in the States. American TV bosses are unhappy at the prospect of broadcasting the verdict in the middle of the night.

    An official at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands, where two Libyans are on trial, said: "This is a big story and the Americans want to be able to broadcast it when everyone is up and watching TV." But Professor Robert Black, an expert in Scots law and an architect of the Camp Zeist trial, said it would be "grossly improper" if the judges were influenced in any way about the timing of their verdict. He said: "There should be no communications with the judges. If they decide to acquit the two Libyans then it is only fair to deliver the verdict as quickly as possible."

    When they reach a verdict the judges, Lord Coulsfield, 66, Lord Sutherland, 68, and Lord McLean, 62, are expected to give a written explanation of how they came to their conclusions. The trial, which has lasted eight months and has cost around pounds 50million, is set to end next month. The prosecution finished its case on Wednesday and defence lawyers are expected to conclude their submissions to the judges by Tuesday. The three judges - who are sitting without a jury - are then expected to take at least a week before delivering their verdict.

    Tundergarth Church saved by Lockerbie trust

    14/01/2001 BBC NEWS A Scottish church which became a place of pilgrimage for the relatives of those who died in the Lockerbie bombing has been saved from closure. Tundergarth village kirk was under threat after a survey found it needed more than £50,000 of repairs. (read more of that old news below on page)

    When the small congregation was only able to raise £23,750, the Lockerbie Trust, set up in the wake of the 1988 disaster, agreed to grant more than £20,000 towards repairs. The move, made on Friday night, has been welcomed by families of the victims. They found great comfort at the 100-year-old church, which lies four miles outside Lockerbie. In fact the ashes of two of the 270 Lockerbie victims are buried there. Reverend John Mosey said he was "delighted" that the church where his daughter Helga's ashes were buried had been saved. The nose cone of doomed Pan Am Flight 103 landed in a field across the road from the kirk.

    Pamela Dix, whose brother Peter Dix, 35, was found at Tundergarth said she was pleased with the decision of the Lockerbie Trust. The funeral service for Mr Dix, from London, was held at the church although he is not buried there. Ms Dix said: "I am very pleased that they have given the money to the church. "It's an appropriate way to spend the money. "I am sure that other families will also welcome this decision."

    Moira Mortimer, treasurer of the church's fund-raising committee, said she was delighted with the decision. She said: "We still have some money to raise but the end is in sight and the church is saved. We are delighted with the decision of the church. "It means we can now go ahead with the work which is needed." More than £2m in aid flooded in after Flight 103 was blown up over Lockerbie, killing all 259 passengers and crew and 11 Lockerbie residents. After donations to the families, the community and cash to pay for memorials to the dead, the remainder of the fund was transferred to a new trust in 1991. Its remit was to spend the cash for the benefit of the Lockerbie community and more than £500,000 remains in the trust.

    Lockerbie councillor Marjory McQueen, one of the four fund trustees, said they had been impressed by the efforts of the Tundergarth congregation in raising funds to save their church. She said: "We decided to match the money they raised. It was recognised by the trust that there is an important emotional tie between the church and the Lockerbie community." Repair includes work to the roof, bell tower, window frames and interior. Meanwhile, the Lockerbie Trust also decided to grant £100,000 to restore the Drysdale Cemetery Lodge which is close to the memorial to those who died. Plans, which are still to be finalised, will include a quiet room and upgrading toilet facilities. It is anticipated another room may be used to display artefacts relating to the Lockerbie disaster such as photographs of Royal visits to the town and gifts from other communities.

    If anyone is interested in sponsoring the above fundraising or in other ways contribute to the preservation of Tundergarth Church, they can contact the Gregson family for an official sponsorship form, or, if they would rather make a direct donation, this can be done on the donations page of the Tundergarth Church, Lockerbie web-site. Jenny Gregson said: "Please help, or otherwise the church will close."

    E-mail contact:

  • josgregson@hotmail.com, or
  • Josgregson@btinternet.com
  • Background information:

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  • Including pictures and information of the preservation project, as well as details on the fundraising mission
  • Lockerbie and Pan Am 103 

    Dr. Jim Swire in live discussion on Arabic sattelite TV

    13/01/2001 AOUDE MEDIA Dr. Jim Swire, head of the British victims association "UK Families Flight 103" appeared yesterday in a live program on the Arabic sattelite channel Middle Eastern Broadcasting (MBC). From direct transmission in a studio in Birmingham Dr. Swire was joined live from New York by the Arabic writer and journalist Khalil Matar and in the London studio by an Arabic advisor to the British Government in questions of security and international law, Dr. Mustafa Al Ani.

    The father of a young victim on Pan Am 103, Dr. Swire moved to discuss the latest developments in the Lockerbie bombing trial in Camp Zeist. He expressed his views on several issues, such as an eventual political impact on the up-coming verdict and how the trial had come along the last 9 months. He also answered live questions from viewers from all over the world, among them a number of Libyan viewers. Wearing a blue badge to alert the public of Pan Am 103, Swire said he was pleased that the trial had come underway and that the Lockerbie crisis was being solved in front of a court of law. He also expressed hope for an improved future relationship between Brits and Arabs after the trial.

    The Arabic writer and journalist Khalil Matar said he was about to finish a new book dealing with the Lockerbie bombing trial and the political crisis between UK and US and Libya. The book is to be published shortly after the trial has ended.

    Transcript needed ! Arabic or (preferred) English - send it to me at aoude@hotmail.com

    Background information:

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    Full coverage of week 37 of the Lockerbie bombing trial

    10/01/2001 Defence lawyers in the Lockerbie trial have called into question security arrangements at an airport which handled the luggage containing the bomb. Defence counsel William Taylor QC argued that security procedures at Frankfurt were inadequate, with baggage handlers making mistakes as they struggled to cope with pressures of work. The systems in place were much less effective, he said, than in Malta.

    LOCKERBIE BOMBING TRIAL WEEK 37 (08.01-12.01, 2001)
    updated 13.01. 2001

    A full review for each week from beginning of trial in May until now, on this page:

    Pan Am 103-whistleblower files 100 million dollar lawsuit

    10/01/2001 AOUDE MEDIA The Lexington-Fayette County Government Division of Police and a Detective have been named as defendants in a $100 million civil rights suit filed in Washington, DC. Lester K. Coleman, a former U.S. Intelligence agent and Lexington radio talk-show host, filed the action, charging Lexington Police and Detective Christopher White with conspiring with federal agents to violate his right to self expression.

    The suit charges that Coleman was illegally imprisoned after undertaking an investigation of misconduct inside the Lexington Police Department. Coleman also claims federal agents instigated the plot to stop him from appearing at the Pam Am 103 bombing trial in Zeist, Holland. On December 7 Coleman was unexpectedly released from federal custody after a federal informant testifying at the Pan Am trial was discredited. Shockingly, evidence unveiled showed the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI knew their star witness was a fraud, but covered-up the hoax for almost ten years. The evidence proved Coleman and others who questioned the American official version of the bombing had told the truth. Coleman was charged in Lexington with possession of forged instruments over checks deposited in his own account, drawn on foreign banks. The civil rights suit claims Lexington Police conspired with named federal agents, and went as far as to create evidence used against Coleman at trial.

    Other defendants named in the suit are:
    FBI Special Agents, David Edward-Mellville Long Island, NY; Christopher Murrary --Washington, DC; Oliver "Buck" Revell, Plano, Texas; Former DEA Special Agent, Micheal T. Hurley, Puyalap, Washington; Former CIA officer, Vincent Cannistraro.

    The suit claims the defendants conspired to silence Coleman after he gave an affidavit in the Pam Am 103 case, and then attempted to appear at the criminal trial in Zeist, Holland. Coleman's claims, after 10 years, have been vendicated.

    Background info:

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    Governmental restricted translations of Pan Am 103-articles ready NOW

    09/01/2001 AOUDE MEDIA Many people regret the descision of the Syrian Government not to hand out the "Goben-letters", that the Scottish Court in the Netherlands requested from them last November. A further number of other people regret the strange decision of the British Government to restrict access to the English translations of excerpts of these letters, translated from two Saudiarabian newspaper articles December 7 and December 8, last year (read more of that news below on this page).
    Well, regret no further. Here they are:

  • UK GOV translation of Hayat article (07/12/00), page 1
  • UK GOV translation of Hayat article (07/12/00), page 2

  • UK GOV translation of Hayat article (08/12/00), page 1
  • UK GOV translation of Hayat article (08/12/00), page 2
  • UK GOV translation of Hayat article (08/12/00), page 3
  • UK GOV translation of Hayat article (08/12/00), page 4

  • Note for translations, by UK GOV (21/12/00)+(name of translator deleted due to security reasons...LOL)

    DIA files are ready for viewing NOW

    08/01/2001 AOUDE MEDIA Happy to say all the 435 pages of US Defense Intelligence Agency files related to the bombing of PanAm Flight 103 have been released and are visible ONLINE on these pages. The files contain 11 MB of former secret and confidential but now released documents covering the criminal investigation into the crash of Pan Am 103 from 1988 to 1993. Many parts of the documents are blacked out due to US governmental censorship.

    NB ! All 435 files are in Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format. You need to have a small program installed on your PC, in order to read/view all files. You may already have such a program installed.If not, you can download it from here: www.adobe.com/acrobat

    I suggest you DOWNLOAD the FBI-files first, and THEN open them up on your computer. All 435 pages amount to about 11 MB data, so any direct viewing of the files (online) may take quite a while. Once downloaded to your computer, the files are apt to open in a few seconds time. Direct viewing may take several minutes, depending on your PC-system.

    Enough talking, show me the files !

    British government keeps newspaper articles a secret

    07/01/2001 AOUDE MEDIA The trial is due to re-open tomorrow, Monday the 8th of January. One issue during the up-coming week is going to be the mysterious Goben-letters. Allegedly written by a now dead Palestinian terrorist, the letters claim that Palestinian terrorists, not the accused Libyans, were the real culprits behind the bombing of Pan Am 103. People having had a peak into the content of those letters say there is nothing in them, that would make ground for any new speculations, nor anything that could cause yet another delay to the already tiresom Lockerbie bombing trial.

    Why then is the UK Government so eager to keep the contents of those letters a secret, that they refuse to reveal an English translations of two public Arabic newspaper-articles ? The two articles in question come from the Saudiarabic newspaper Al-Hayat. They were written by journalist Ibraham Hamidi and published openly in the newspaper on December 7 and December 8, last year - a tiny month ago. The articles contain excerpts of the actual Goben-papers or letters, and perhaps this is the reason that the public should be banned from reading them; the issue might be a legal one. Goben´s letters are evidence, and as such they are not allowed to be propelled around in the open public - but Al-Hayat has already published them ? Why keep the English translation confidential, then ?

    The following week will feature news updates form the trial week in court - hopefully the trial isn´t delayed again. And - of course - you will be able to read the English translations of these two Arabic newspaper articles, censored for unknown reasons by the UK GOV, on this page.

    Letter from the President: Continuing the Libya Emergency

    04/01/2001 U.S. Newswire The following was released today by the White House:
    January 4, 2001
    Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)
    Section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)) provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless, prior to the anniversary date of its declaration, the President publishes in the Federal Register and transmits to the Congress a notice stating that the emergency is to continue in effect beyond the anniversary date. In accordance with this provision, I have sent the enclosed notice, stating that the Libya emergency is to continue in effect beyond January 7, 2001, to the Federal Register for publication.

    The crisis between the United States and Libya that led to the declaration on January 7, 1986, of a national emergency has not been resolved. Despite the United Nations Security Council's suspension of U.N. sanctions against Libya upon the Libyan government's hand over of the Pan Am 103 bombing suspects, there are still concerns about the Libyan government's support for terrorist activities and its noncompliance with United Nations Security Council Resolutions 731 (1992), 748 (1992), and 883 (1993).

    For these reasons, I have determined that it is necessary to maintain in force the actions taken and currently in effect to apply economic pressure on the Government of Libya.

    Background information:

  • American views on Pan Am 103, Libya and sanctions politics
  • Contact: White House Press Office, 202-456-2580

    Above text was provided by the Libya News List

    Libyan reaction to Clinton´s deciscion:
    Commenting on the decision, the political editor of the Jamahiriyah news agency [Jana] has this to say:

    The flimsy pretexts presented by America for imposing its unilateral embargo on the Great Jamahiriyah are ridiculous, as it [Libya] is neither at the backyard of the White House to really pose a threat to the US national security nor possesses nuclear bombs, warships, military fleets and aircraft carriers navigating the oceans.

    The Great Jamahiriyah is rather a pacifist country, which is thousands of miles away from America. It desires to exploit all its natural resources bestowed on it by God for the happiness of its people through [the establishment of] giant projects so that it is able to overcome the need to borrow from international banks and rich nations and hence lose its freedom, which the Libyan people won after years of hard-fought battles against the dreadful Italian colonialism and culminated in the advent of the great 1 September revolution.

    The editor said that when America realized that its pretexts were flimsy and incredible, it started to mix up what it called terrorism with the Lockerbie case, which is being dealt with by justice. This proves that it [America] does not have any evidence or reason to impose the economic embargo on the Great Jamahiriyah, whether unilaterally or by imposing unjust measures through the so-called Security Council.

    Events have categorically proven that the Great Jamahiriyah is innocent of all accusations circulated by Western imperialist quarters hostile to the Libyan people's aspirations for freedom, progress and the establishment of African peoples' unity, as the peoples of the world have realized these facts and decided through their international and regional organizations to end the unjust measures.

    The Jana political editor added that if America really meant that Libya poses a threat to its regional security and international interests, that means it [Libya] has triumphed over America, and the proof is that the UN General Assembly had expressed in its recent meeting its firm rejection of these unilateral US measures against the Great Jamahiriyah, with the exception of America itself and the Zionists.

    In conclusion, the editor said that this decision, which supports the Great Jamahiriyah, was a proof that the world has started to know the true America and its unilateral and unjust measures against the Great Jamahiriyah. He pointed out that the world is working for peace and freedom whereas America seeks to kill them and enslave the world. This is what the Great Jamahiriyah is against, because it is aware that peoples seeking to live in freedom and dignity under the sun will ultimately obtain victory. (end)

    Late article from Arabic newspaper

    06/01/2001 SHARQ AL AWSAT (UK) date 22/12/00 Subslug: Article by Salah Jamil: "Libya, Scottish Law, and the Lockerbie 'Guarantees'" [FBIS Translated Text] Yesterday was the twelfth anniversary of the Lockerbie disaster and the first anniversary since the start of the trial of the two Libyan suspects in the case. Both before and after Libya handed over Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah for trial in the Netherlands before a Scottish court, much was said about the "guarantees" UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was supposed to have given the Libyan leader in order to persuade him to hand over his citizens. The most important "guarantee," however, is, in the view of most observers, Scottish law itself.

    The "guarantees" Colonel Al-Qadhafi is said to have received are no more than an undertaking to the effect that the trial would not seek to judge him nor that any Libyan official summoned to appear before the court would be held to account for any act he may have committed before his appearance in court. This last guarantee, however, is at the heart of Scottish law, which clearly provides for the immunity of witnesses, even though they state in their testimony something that incriminates them in the case in question. This immunity was clearly evident in the case of at least two of the prosecution's witnesses, whereby information was given during the course of their cross-examination that incriminated them more than it did the Libyans.

    Regardless of what Col. Al-Qadhafi may or may not have received from Annan, Scottish law, with its strict manner of dealing with criminal evidence -- starting with the evidence gathered at the scene of the incident in Scotland and the questions and doubts the defense built up around it, either with regard to the manner in which it was gathered, recorded, transferred, and scrutinized or the participation of Americans in the investigation, given that the senior US investigator himself was subsequently dismissed after he was shown to have tampered with criminal evidence in previous cases -- as well as its way of dealing with witnesses and the credibility of their testimony, has been an influential factor in persuading the Libyan leader to respond to the intensive and exhaustive mediation efforts of Saudi Ambassador in Washington Prince Bandar Bin-Sultan and former South African President Nelson Mandela.

    Credibility therefore is the basic test and benchmark. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the panel of judges, when it rejected last month, contrary to the expectations of most observers, an application from Fhimah's lawyer for the release of his client, whose name has seldom been mentioned during the trial since it began on 3 May 2000, made it clear in the reasons for its judgment that it had taken the prosecution's case despite its weaknesses and had not taken into account the credibility of its witnesses and their testimony. It was therefore implying that credibility would be a crucial element of the final judgment. It must be said here that two of the most prominent prosecution witnesses, Libyan dissident Abd-al-Majid Giaka and Swiss businessman Edouin Boulier [name as transliterated] were, as the defense revealed when it cross-examined them, "motivated by money and offered their services to US intelligence at a price."

    The evidence against Al Megrahi and Fhimah is entirely "circumstantial," as the prosecution itself has testified. If the prosecution had cited what it considered to be "direct evidence" against Al Megrahi, it would have failed to produce that kind of evidence against Fhimah. In fact, it would have argued that his friendship with his fellow citizen justified his indictment also. Most observers and legal experts feel that, by leaving political considerations to one side, the trial judges will not find under Scottish law anything that justifies the trial of the two Libyans, let alone their conviction. The question still remains, however, "Will Scottish law fail the Libyan leader and his two countrymen?"

    [Description of Source: London Al-Sharq al-Awsat in Arabic -- Influential Saudi-owned London daily providing independent coverage of Arab and international issues; editorials reflect official Saudi views on foreign policy.]

    Above text was provided by the Libya News List

    Church of Scotland moderator to visit Camp Zeist prison

    31/12/2000 The Daily Record + BBC NEWS The moderator of the Church of Scotland has announced that he plans to visit the prison holding the two men accused of the Lockerbie bombing. The kirk said the Right Reverend Andrew McLellan would travel to the Scottish court and prison complex in the Netherlands in the new year. His trip to Camp Zeist, where the two Libyan men accused of the bombing have been on trial, resulted from a promise to visit all of Scotland's jails during his year in office. After his tour of the country's jails, Mr McLellan said he believed Scotland's prisons were "isolated" communities hampered by low staff morale and misrepresentation in society. However, he added that he had found positive features, in particular the shift in relationships between inmates and officers from a culture of "fear and bullying" towards one of mutual respect.

    He condemned the detention of immigrants in prison as "scandalous", said slopping out was a "disgusting" practice and aired the "greatest possible reservations" about private prisons. The moderator also criticised negative public attitudes to prisoners, particularly sex offenders, warning that it led to offenders being victimised at the expense of their needs and those of their victims.

    Dr McLellan, an outspoken advocate of prison reform, is to visit the jail where the two are being held during their trial in a special Scots court at Camp Zeist, Holland. And yesterday he said he was prepared to sit down with the prisoners in their cells. He said: "If I'm allowed to, and they want to see me, I will visit them. Obviously, there are one or two difficulties with visiting these prisoners. "There is the language difficulty and neither of them is Christian, but I have no qualms about meeting them if they want to meet me"

    Dr McLellan, a former chaplain of Cornton Vale Prison in Stirling, last month branded the conditions in three Scottish jails "disgusting" and described slopping out as a "wretched ritual". Since taking office in May, Dr McLellan has visited all 17 prisons in Scotland. He said yesterday: "I was boldly claiming I had visited every Scottish prison. The Prison Service said I had visited every prison in Scotland, but not every Scottish prison. "Because Camp Zeist is a Scottish prison I decided to go there."

    Dr McLellan is the most outspoken minister to hold the post of Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Last week, he called on churchgoers to show forgiveness to sex offenders and said it was wrong to persecute them. He has stirred controversy and angered many church members with his views. Just days after becoming Moderator, he held private talks with Prince Charles about the possibility of him marrying Camilla Parker Bowles in a Church of Scotland ceremony.

    Sir John OrrPan Am 103-crash investigation chief leads honours list

    31/12/2000 BBC NEWS The chief constable of Scotland's largest police force has been knighted in the New Year Honours List. Sir John Orr is joined on the list by a number of other prominent Scots, including Andrew Cubie, Lex Gold and long-serving BBC Radio Scotland presenter Robbie Shepherd.

    Sir John, who retires in six months' time, becomes the fourth chief constable from Strathclyde Police to be knighted. The man, who led the inquiry into the Lockerbie bombing, before becoming deputy and then chief constable of Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary, has headed the Strathclyde force for almost five years.

    Background information:

  • Website of Strathclyde Police Dept. (Scotland)

    UN Council Scraps Consultations On Ending Libya Sanctions

    29/12/2000 AP The Security Council scrapped consultations for Friday on a proposal to lift sanctions against Libya after the U.S. and Britain made clear they opposed the move while the trial of two Libyans in the 1988 Pan Am bombing continued. Namibia, on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement of developing countries, introduced a draft resolution on Thursday to lift the suspended sanctions on the grounds that Tripoli had fully cooperated with the trial. Namibian Ambassador Martin Andjaba had said he wanted to vote on the measure Friday.

    But the U.S. and Britain immediately balked, saying the council shouldn't lift the sanctions before the trial at a special Scottish court sitting in the Netherlands ends. One of the requirements to lift the sanctions is Libya's full cooperation with the proceedings. "We have made it very clear that we would not be able to support such a resolution," British Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock said Thursday, issuing a veiled threat to veto the resolution if it were put to a vote. Council President Sergey Lavrov of Russia had said he would schedule consultations for Friday morning after Namibia put the draft into final form, giving Security Council members 24 hours to consider it. But after consulting late Thursday the group apparently decided to back off on pressing for a vote for the time being, diplomats and U.N. officials said Friday.

    The Security Council suspended the sanctions on April 5, 1999, after Libya handed over two suspects wanted in the bombing of the Pan Am jetliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, which killed 270 people. Libya has pressed ever since for the measures to be formally lifted. In September, it persuaded the Non-Aligned Movement to demand the council immediately and irrevocably lift the sanctions, which include an air and arms embargo and a ban on the sale of some oil-related equipment. The sanctions were imposed in 1992 to press Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to deliver Lamen Khalifa Fhimah and Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi for trial in the bombing. The two men have pleaded innocent to the charges and have blamed Palestinian terrorist groups.

    Background information:

  • All about the UN sanctions on Libya and Pan Am 103

    US Defence Intelligence releases PA103-documents

    28/12/2000 AOUDE MEDIA 435 pages of US Defense Intelligence Agency files related to the bombing of PanAm Flight 103 have been released to the public. The former secret and confidential but now released documents cover the criminal investigation into the crash of Pan Am 103 from 1988 to 1993. Many parts of the documents are blacked out due to US governmental censorship.

    During the next month (January 2001) Aoude Media will prepare the documents and publish all of them online. All 435 documents will appear on the Net in their original form, but converted into easy-viewing electronical files. There will also be a searchable index for all files. Already now, I am close to running out of webspace. Should anyone out there be ready to host 100-200 MB webspace - free of charge - then please give me a hint at aoude@hotmail.com. The files will also be available on CD-ROM for viewing on your PC - for a minor charge and postal fee of about 15 USD.

  • Take a preview at one of the released files HERE

    Pan Am 103-lawyer says he is no CIA-agent.

    27/12/2000 AOUDE MEDIA 2 weeks ago, Mark Zaid was exposed by CRYPTOME as a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. A well known lawyer for for several relatives of the victims of Pan Am 103, Mark Zaid is representing his client in the civil lawsuit against Libya. (Read news from December 8, below on this page).

    Yet, his membership of the AFIO came as a big surprise to many viewers/readers of this website. People started wondering whether Zaid was a CIA-agent or otherwise passing on information to the US Intelligence community. This week, Mark Zaid himself spoke out and denied such allegations: "I did get quite a laugh out of the whole thing. It is quite amusing and absolutely ironic that I would be deemed a CIA source! I sue the CIA all the time. Needless to say, I am not their favorite person.", Zaid said in a recent interview with Aoude Media.

    "You should know that the list is not even close to being what it has been purported to be. It is simply, as you titled it, the 1996 membership directory of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO). I was a member for a couple of years until I forgot to pay my dues! There are two membership categories: one for those who WERE former intelligence officers, and one for those who want to pay $40 and hang out with those who WERE former intelligence officers. Any crafty journalist who covers national security issues or really intelligent attorney who handles national security cases (like myself) joins AFIO. It helps attract business. "

    Elaborating on the idea that he might have passed on information to the CIA while joining AFIA, Zaid says: "The only "source" we are for the CIA is for money to its alumni organization! You can join too if you wish. Their website is www.afio.com. "

    Background information:

  • The secret agent-list HERE
  • Interview with Mark Zaid on Pan Am 103, from 1998 and ...
  • ...more about Mark Zaid and Lockerbie. 

    Interview with professor Robert Black (29-12-2000)

    "The deeper you dig, the less plausible the official version of the Lockerbie tragedy looks." Robert Black, the brains behind Camp Zeist, tells MALTA TODAY what he believes will happen when the trial finishes.

    Read the entire interview with professor Black HERE

    UK Foreign Office and US Gov commemorate Lockerbie crash anniversary (25-12-2000)

    The UK Foreign Office marked the 12th anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over the town of Lockerbie, Scotland on 21 December. Minister of State Peter Hain paid tribute to the families of the 270 people killed and urged Libya to continue its cooperation with the United Nations, which led to two Libyan suspects being handed over for trial, PA News reported.

    Commenting on the 12th anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing, Foreign Office Minister, Peter Hain, said: 'No one can forget the dramatic images of the wreckage of Flight Pan Am 103, strewn over the Scottish town of Lockerbie on 21 December 1988. 'On the 12th anniversary of that tragedy, we remember that 270 lives were tragically lost and that the suffering of their relatives and friends continues. Nothing can make up for the death and destruction wrought by that terrorist act. Whatever the outcome of the trial, I am confident that the Scottish Court will reach a just verdict in accordance with Scottish law.

    'In accordance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, Libya handed over the two men charged with the bombing in April last year. I call on Libya to continue its co-operation with the remaining requirements of the UN Security Council resolutions.'

    The United States said Thursday it was confident of a just verdict in the trial of two Libyans accused of the Lockerbie bombing as it marked the 12th anniversary of the deadly attack. "Today, our thoughts are with the families and friends of those lost in this brutal and craven act of violence against innocent men, women and children," State Department spokesman Philip Reeker said. "Nothing can possibly undo the terrible devastation of an act of terrorism of this magnitude," he said in a statement. "However, unlike past anniversaries of this sad event, those charged with the bombing of Pan Am 103 are now on trial. "We welcome this development and are confident that the Scottish court hearing this case under Scottish law will reach a just verdict," Reeker said.

    Former British diplomat accuses South Africa of Lockerbie bombing

    24/12/2000 AOUDE MEDIA The former British diplomat Patrick Haseldine was sacked by HM Government in 1988 accused of abusing his freedom of speech. Since then he has tried to convince the world that South Africa was behind the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. He has recently posted a number of messages on the Lockerbie Trial Discussion Board . He has also tried to post a number of documents and letters in the British press, allegedly containing circumstantial evidence of South Africa´s involvment into the Lockerbie bombing. Since 1993 no media has printed any of his documents.

    But now readers/viewers of this website can have a look of their own into the accusations of Mr. Haseldine, starting with a concise introduction of what he thinks went wrong on Pan Am 103 - and why:

    Read Patrick Haseldine´s thoughts on the Lockerbie bombing trial

    Meanwhile, relatives of the victims on Pan Am 103 are enraged over Haseldine´s claims. Sanya Popovic from the American victims´ organization Victims of Pan Am 103 Inc. said: "Not only is Haseldine quite out to lunch on this issue, but his (anniversary related) surfacings have caused real pain to me, my family, Bernt's sister and the rest of Bernt Carlsson's extended family. The Haseldine file, if it is what he has sent me previously, is a rehash of secondary sources, which he has culled from the internet. He has no personal knowledge whatsoever about this very tragic matter."

    "Haseldine was not ever even a diplomat, insofar as information officer does not quite bequeath the same aura of legitimacy as true "diplomat" does, which he claims to be, but never was.", said Ms. Popovic.

    Lockerbie trial book launched in Malta

    21/12/2000 AOUDE MEDIA + MALTA INDEPENDENT The well-known Scottish legal scholar, professor Robert Black, was among the people celebrating the launch of a new book about the Lockerbie bombing trial and the criminal investigation into the crash of Pan Am 103. Three main TV stations in Malta PBS, Super 1 and Net TV all gave prominence to the launching of the book and Prof. Robert Black was interviewed. The book is called "Lockerbie: Qabel il-Verdett - Lockerbie: Before the verdict" . Written by Maltese journalist Joe Mifsud, the book contains - among other things - a transcript of an FBI investigation of Abdulmajid Abdulrazak Abdul-Salam Giaka, who was the star prosecution witness at the Lockerbie trial earlier this fall (autumn). During the launching of the book, the Maltese Independent interviewed professor Black on his views:

    (begin article MI) Professor Robert Black said the theory that the bomb that blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over the small Scottish town had originated in Malta was possible but very unlikely. Prof. Black was speaking during a press conference for the launch of the latest book written by Joe Mifsud, Lockerbie - Before the Verdict. The book, available from all leading bookshops is now available at the price of Lm3.50 and contains reports, manuscripts and transcripts from the jury as well as Mr Mifsud's own findings, some of which are being heard for the first time.

    Professor Robert BlackHe said: "This piece of literature is a feather in both Malta and Joe Mifsud's cap. It is a huge investigative and analytical report about the disaster." Prof. Black said the book was a result of Mr Mifsud's efforts to find out the truth about the disaster. He said he had followed the case right from the beginning, 12 years ago, and said Mr Mifsud's investigations were the most important journalistic contributions to unravelling the puzzle behind Lockerbie. He said very few journalists had investigated the case, and most had simply accepted what was said in British and US government press releases as the truth. Prof. Black said: "Only about three journalists in the world have really dug into the case, and Joe is one of them."

    He said the prosecution's argument rests on the Malta link, and if the prosecution cannot prove it, there will be no convictions. "The evidence presented suggests there could be a possibility that the prosecution's theory is right, but the likelihood is small." Prof. Black also said that in 1988, the security at Malta International Airport was much stricter than it was in Frankfurt and London Heathrow. In addition, he said the principal Maltese witness had said that although one of the men accused resembled a man who had bought merchandise from her shop, he also resembled the person the defence claimed was responsible for planting the bomb. He said the book revealed that the theory which seemed to fit the scenario was very shaky, and crumbled as soon as it was looked into more deeply. "With his book, I think Joe helped to divert a grave miscarriage of justice," concluded Prof. Black.

    Mr Mifsud said he wrote the book because he felt Malta had been unjustly accused by other countries. He said: "There was no connection between Malta and the bombing whatsoever, and I felt Malta's image had been tarnished wrongfully and I wanted to put that right." He said he felt sorry for the victims and the families of the tragedy, but also said Malta was a victim of the bombing. Mr Mifsud said he felt that international news agencies such as Reuters, Associated Press and the BBC had shown Malta in a bad light. "The outcome of the trial will show that Malta was innocent. There will be no concrete outcome to the case, and I'm sure investigations will have to start again because there is no proof. Mr Mifsud said that despite the revelations in his book and in articles printed in UK newspapers, a new book written by Rodney Wallace to be published next year still points the finger at Malta.

    Mr Mifsud concluded by saying that it was not fair for large powerful countries such as the US and Britain to single out a small nation like Malta as a scapegoat. (end article MI)

    Copies of the book (a limited edition) can be ordered via e.mail:

  • joemif@keyworld.net at the price of only $30 !
  • ISBN: 999332-612-0-3
  • Read also more below on this page (date 13. December 2000)

    Background information:

  • More about professor Black and the Lockerbie Trial
  • Website of The Malta Independent 

  • Air security at Christmas lousy as ever

    19/12/2000 THE EVENING CHRONICLE (Scotland) Have we learned from the Lockerbie air disaster ? Has airline security been improved ? Not according to one airline passenger, returning from New York to the UK. Read his airport experience and weep:

    (begin article)
    I RECENTLY flew home from a trip to New York and was amazed to see how lax the security was when screening hand luggage before we boarded the plane.
    My partner and I put our bags on the conveyor belt to go through the machine and were stunned to see the person running the machine wasn't even facing the screen, but was chatting to a colleague.
    I couldn't believe it. When you think of incidents like Lockerbie you do get somewhat paranoid, not knowing what others may be carrying in their bags.
    I know it's an inconvenience to have strict bag searches, but it's better to be safe than sorry. I'd far rather see all passengers have their bags searched than have someone carry a suspect device onto a plane. J Gardiner, Walker
    (end article) 

    Pan Am 103-commemoration services - 12th anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing

    19/12/2000 VOPAF 103 INC American relatives of victims of Pan Am 103 are commemorating the downing of Pan Am flight 103 during this week´s 12th anniversary. Commemoration services and gatherings are being held in different geographical locations.For more details, view the notices section of the official website of VOPAF 103 Inc.
  • web.syr.edu/~vpaf103/notices.html
  • 19/12/2000 HOTNEWS SYR EDU Hendricks Chapel will host a Service of Remembrance on the 12th anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 at 2:03 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 21 in the Small Chapel. The brief service of prayers and comment will conclude with the carrying of a light to the Place of Remembrance in front of the Hall of Languages and the ringing of the Crouse College chimes 35 times.

  • questions? contact:
  • Ginny Yerdon
  • Administrative Specialist, Hendricks Chapel
  • Phone: (315) 443-2901
  • Fax: (315) 443-4128
  • E-mail: gyerdon@syr.edu
  • Background information:

  • Syracuse University and Pan Am 103 
  • Lockerbie bombing trial: new book with copies of evidential documents

    13/12/2000 AOUDE MEDIA A new book with facts and reports from the Lockerbie bombing trial is out next week ! Maltese journalist and Pan Am 103-investigator Joe Mifsud publishes his book one day before the anniversary of the crash of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie. His book about Lockerbie is going to be published on the 20th December 2000 in Sliema, Malta. The book is called "Lockerbie: Qabel il-Verdett - Lockerbie: Before the verdict" and includes all of Joe´s articles from the beginning of the trial up to the end of the prosecution case. Half of it is in Maltese and the articles published in the British press are in English.

    Among the documents to be published:

  • (1) FBI report about Giaka's escape from Libya to Malta via Tunisia and where he was taken my boat in the Mediterranean sea to join US Navy vessel.
  • (2) CIA document regarding the meeting Giaka had on the 20th December 1988, on the eve of the tragedy of Pan Am: No reference to any plot which was going to take place the day after.
  • (3) Report by FAA regarding the up to date security procedure in Malta Airport.
  • (4) Letter by the Crown Office stating that they have no information how the bomb was infiltrated from Malta except what they said in the indictment.
  • (5) Manifest of flight KM180 of the 21st December 1988
  • (6) Documents showing that Abu Talb lost his luggage on his way to Malta.
  • (7) Business card of Lamin Fhimah - the prosecution is suggesting that his company was a front to the Libyan Secret Service, while he distributed them to friends in Mosta where he used to live.
  • (8) Registration form of Megrahi at the Holiday Inn in Malta using other alias name of Ahmed Khalifa.
  • The book wil be featuring photos including exclusive ones of protagonists and all the places mentioned in the case with Maltese connection as well as interviews with Jim Swire and Prof. Robert Black. Prof Robert Black is coming to Malta for the launching of the book and he also wrote the intro to it.
    Copies of the book (a limited edition) can be ordered via e.mail:

  • joemif@keyworld.net at the price of only $30 !
  • ISBN: 999332-612-0-3 
  • "The Many Truths of Lockerbie" and "The Trail to Switzerland"

    11/12/2000 DIE ZEIT (Germany) The German weekly magazine DIE ZEIT has published a special feature edition about the Lockerbie bombing trial with detailed information and reportages from the trial in Camp Zeist. Also, the journalist who wrote the articles, has been in Malta and in Switzerland, tracing clues from the indictment and speaking to relatives, witnesses, experts and visitors. Only backdrop: the entire feature is in GERMAN. And no, I have not the time to translate everything into English this time (it is too much, too many words!). But for my German-reading audiences, viewers and readers, here it is:
  • "The Many Truths of Lockerbie" DIE ZEIT 50/2000 
  • Pan Am 103 relatives hopeful justice is near 12 years after bombing

    11/12/2000 USA TODAY December is especially painful for relatives of the 270 people who died four days before Christmas 1988, when Pan Am 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. But this holiday season, some of the victims' relatives share a guarded optimism that two Libyans standing trial in the Netherlands for the worst act of air terrorism ever against U.S. citizens will soon be convicted of the crime. ''There is no smoking gun,'' says Montauk, N.Y., retired businessman Peter Lowenstein, whose 21-year-old son, Alexander, was one of 189 Americans on the London-to-New York flight. ''But the Scottish crown has presented an extremely solid, albeit circumstantial, case.''
  • Read the FULL ARTICLE form "USA Today" HERE ! 
  • Pan Am 103-whistleblower released from jail

    08/12/00 AOUDE MEDIA Former DIA-whistleblower Lester Coleman has been released from prison in Kentucky, USA yesterday. Les Coleman blamed the bombing of Pan Am 103 to drug trade, claiming the US government knew about the bomb, and that the bomb was brought aboard Pan Am 103 by the very own drug dealers, that cooperated so much with the US government. For this Coleman was persecuted legally and imprisoned a few years ago - on charges of perjury. After his release in 1998, Coleman denied any perjury and began legal work to appeal his sentence. In july 1999, he was suddenly arrested and convicted of check fraud at an amount of 5000 USD. He has been in jail since. He was due to be released this summer, but some pending legal procedures upheld his release.

    Yesterday, Les Coleman was told that the Attorney General's office had ordered his immediate release. He was given papers stating that he had been wrongly held since July 25, 2000, which was to have been his ACTUAL release date. In other words, the government has credited him for the entire time he was jailed in Lexington awaiting trial. Lester Coleman said after his release: "My attorneys tell me there is an internal inquiry by the Inspector General at the Justice Department on going, and that it is likely that my untimely release is a result. If so, we can expect the other shoe to drop after January, with likely indictements of top former US officials involved in the Chiaka disaster, coverup. Needless to say I am very grateful to everyone who believed in me for these last ten years, stuck by me, and gave me the strength to fight on."

    "We have filed a $2.5 million tort claim against the US government and the Lexington Kentucky authorities, a $100 million civil right claim under 42 USC 1983 is being prepared and will be filed in the US District Court in Washington, DC before January 1, 2001.", he added.

    Background information:

  • The story of Lester Coleman and Pan Am 103 
  • PA 103-lawyer was secret CIA-informer

    08/12/00 CRYPTOME A lawyer for the American relatives of Pan Am 103 has been exposed as a CIA-informer. Mark Zaid from Arlington, Virginia, appears on a newly released list of names from the 1996 Membership Directory of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers . Following the death of former CIA Assistant deputy Director Robert Crowley, the list has been published by the well known cyber-activists CRYPTOME. It was also Cryptome, that revealed how the leader of Glasgow Universities Lockerbie Trial Briefing, Andre Fulton, was a secret British intelligence officer, and he had to resign shamefully earlier this year.

    Mark Zaid is known to a number of Pan Am 103-relatives as a "young and enterprising" lawyer, aiding the relatives in the current civil lawsuit against Libya for compensation. Just a few months ago, Mark Zaid had been engaged by Mohamed Fayed, who´s son Imad Fayed died in a car accident together with princess Diana in 1997. Zaid was to reveal a conspiracy and start a controversal lawsuit for Mohamed Fayed.

    Robert Trumbull Crowley died in a Washington DC hospital on October 8, 2000. He was a senior Central Intelligence Agency officer from 1948 until the mid-1980s. During his tenure with the CIA, Crowley became Assistant Deputy Director for Operations and the second-in-command of the clandestine Directorate of Operations. In 1996, prior to what Crowley felt might be a fatal major surgery for suspected lung cancer, he gave a number of historical documents from his extensive personal files to an American journalist with whom he had been working. One of the caveats of this gift was that none of the material could be used or published until after his death. Among the treasure trove of historical material on the genesis and operations of the influential CIA was an alphabetical listing of CIA sources throughout the world, provided below.

    A source is not a paid agent but an individual who can occupy a position of influence, such as an international banker, a member of the print or television media, or a scholar or academic, who might be in a position to influence official decisions or supply necessary support for an official CIA position. In his final years, a reflective Crowley often expressed his desire to help others understand the many historical events that he was party to, and his many friends and admirers are pleased that his wishes are now being fulfilled.

    Background information:

  • The secret agent-list HERE
  • Interview with Mark Zaid on Pan Am 103, from 1998 and ...
  • ...more about Mark Zaid and Lockerbie. 
  • Full coverage of week 32 of the Lockerbie bombing trial

    05.12/00 Today started the week where defense lawyers began their proceedings in court. Lawyers for the first of two Libyans accused of the 1988 Lockerbie airliner bombing launched their defense Tuesday with an examination of the weather on a crucial date. FBI agent Edward Marshman read from transcripts of interviews with PFLP-GC member Marwan Kreeshat, who said he had made bombs for the organisation. The trial then ground to a halt just one day into the defence case. Lawyers defending Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi called two witnesses before asking for an adjournment until Monday January 8 next year. The judges hearing the trial at Camp Zeist in Holland reluctantly granted the request from William Taylor QC to allow more time for a document, relating to new evidence, to be sent to the court by the Syrian government. Judge Lord Sutherland made clear his irritation at this further delay to the long-running and costly trial.

    LOCKERBIE BOMBING TRIAL WEEK 32 (05/12-08/12, 2000)
    updated 05.12.2000

    A full review for each week from beginning of trial in May until now, on this page:

    Tundergarth memorial site and church doomed

    03/12/00 AOUDE MEDIA Tundergarth Church, which is the site of the Lockerbie Memorial Chapel, is badly in need of repairs, and will have to be closed if these are not done. Tundergarth Kirk, forever engraved on the world's memory as the last resting place of the cockpit of the doomed airliner Maid of the Seas, Pan Am flight 103, is in need of urgent repairs, without which the building will be declared dangerous and closed. Several of those who died in the Lockerbie disaster were buried in the churchyard and, at the request of the relatives of the victims, the old session house in the church grounds was converted into a Memorial Room. As a consequence of this close connection, Tundergarth Church has become a place of pilgrimage for relatives and friends of those who perished.

    The very small local community have already raised about £22,000 towards this, but estimates have recently risen from the original £35,000 ($48,000) to almost double this amount. This church is much appreciated by anyone coming to visit the site and would be greatly missed. The British couple Jos. and Jenny Gregson, both over 60, are planning to do a fund-raising walk from Dungeness Point, the south-east corner of England, to Cape Wrath, the north-west corner of Scotland, a distance of about 1,000 miles and are looking for sponsorship either per 100 miles, or a fixed amount. They plan to start April 1st next year. They will be financing themselves, so any money given will go to Tundergarth and the connected parishes.

    If anyone is interested in sponsoring the above fundraising or in other ways contribute to the preservation of Tundergarth Church, they can contact the Gregsons for an official sponsorship form, or, if they would rather make a direct donation, this can be done on the donations page of the Tundergarth Church, Lockerbie web-site. Jenny Gregson said: "Please help, or otherwise the church will close."

    E-mail contact:

  • josgregson@hotmail.com, or
  • Josgregson@btinternet.com
  • Background information:

  • Website of Tundergarth Church, Lockerbie

  • Including pictures and information of the preservation project, as well as details on the fundraising mission
  • Lockerbie and Pan Am 103 
  • Scottish Crown "failed to take racism into account" in criminal case

    THE SCOTSMAN 30/11/2000 THE family of the murdered Sikh waiter Surjit Singh Chhokar yesterday accused the Crown Office of incompetence over its handling of one of the most controversial trials in Scottish legal history. (** And here we thought Pan Am 103 was the most controversal?)

    In a dramatic development, Aamer Anwar, a spokesman for the Chhokar Family Justice Campaign, claimed the Crown Office had breached its own guidelines in relation to the murder trial. According to advice issued two years ago by Lord Hardie, the former Lord Advocate, the prosecution has a responsibility to highlight any racial motivation in the crime and bring it to the attention of the court. During the Chhokar trial there was little mention of racism and it was only towards the end of the case that the court heard how Ronnie Coulter had boasted of "stabbing a black bastard". Last night Mr Anwar insisted that the crime was racially motivated and accused the Crown and the police of trying to play down the race issue.

    He said: "We believe that there was sufficient evidence to suggest that racism was a factor in this case. But when it comes to black deaths the most obvious connections elude the police and prosecutors. "The Crown and the police simply chose to ignore the possibility that this could have been a racist killing." Yesterday the family met Colin Boyd, the Lord Advocate, Scotland’s senior law officer, and called for a public inquiry into the handling of the case.

    Mr Boyd faced fierce criticism in parliament yesterday but insisted his proposals would be "robust". He told MSPs: "I believe the measures that I have announced are a robust, comprehensive and proportionate response to this case and the concerns that surround it. "I wish to reiterate my tribute to the great dignity the family has shown under such terrible circumstances.

    "Scottish justice must be blind to race, colour or creed."

    Mr Anwar said he feared the inquiry would not be independent and he was "deeply concerned" that the case will be heard behind closed doors. He said: "The inquiry must be carried out by an independent body chaired by a judge. "We question the decision to hand-pick a judge from Northern Ireland, months in advance. "How can the Chhokar family have any confidence in a judicial inquiry that will be held behind closed doors and report only to the Lord Advocate?

    "If the Crown Office has nothing to hide it should hold this inquiry in public."

    Critics claim the family will have no right to the disclosure of all the relevant information seen by the judge, which will inevitably lead to further allegations of a cover-up. Roseanna Cunningham, the Scottish National Party’s justice spokeswoman, said her party would maintain the pressure for a public inquiry and she dismissed the Mr Boyd’s explanation as "wholly unsatisfactory". Jim Wallace, the justice minister, conceded the Chhokar family had been the victims of "unwitting" racism in the Crown’s liaison with them. He said: " The fact that the family were written to in English, a language they didn’t readily understand - things weren’t made clear to them, then I think that does amount to racism, albeit in an unwitting way." 

    Full coverage of week 31 of the Lockerbie bombing trial

    29/11/00 Judges in the Lockerbie trial have rejected an appeal by one of the accused to throw out the case against him. They ruled that the prosecution had led sufficient evidence for Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah to remain on trial at the Scottish Court in the Netherlands. A British relative said he was pleased with the ruling as it meant both defence counsels would now present their cases and question the witnesses brought by the other. A Scottish law expert said the submission is be seen as a testing ground for the defence in attacking the Crown. Members of Fhima´s family declined to comment todays´s verdict. Read the full court transcripts from week 31.

    LOCKERBIE BOMBING TRIAL WEEK 31 (28/11-01/12, 2000)
    updated 01.12. 2000

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    "I´ll Reval Who Really Blew Up Lockerbie Jet"

    November 28 (November 26), 2000 NEWS OF THE WORLD (UK) Exclusive - by Graham McKendry (subslug: Expert Set to Aide Defence) - A prosecution witness who tried to tell the Lockerbie trial he knows who planted the bomb may return to the court - as a witness for the defence. Former US Presidential aide Pierre Salinger insists that the two Libyans accused of blowing up doomed Pan Am flight 103 are INNOCENT. But, astonishingly, when he tried to tell the Scottish Court at Camp Zeist in Holland who was really responsible for the atrocity, he was told to shut up and leave the stand.

    Now Salinger ..(-) .. is willing to appear as a defence witness for the accused Libyans (names and ages). In an exclusive interview Salinger, 74, told the News of the World: "Those who stand accused in Zeist are innocent...and I know who carried out the attack. The defence team have now asked me to take the stand on behalf of their clients. I believe what I have to say will have a significant impact on the case." Salinger blames Palestinian terrorists for the attack and says it was carried out in revenge for the downing of an Iran Air flight by the US ship Vincennes in July 1988. He said Iran was outraged by the killing of 290 people, most of whom were pilgrims on their way to Mekka.

    "After the incident, Iranian officials approached the Popular front for the Liberation of Palestine and asked them to carry out the attack. The Bush and Thatcher administrations originally pointed their finger at the Syrian-based terrorists. They only turned their attention to Libya when they needed Syria´s help in securing peace in the Middle East." Salinger, who conducted a five-year investigation into the Lockerbie-incident, added: " I am the only person to have asked the two Libyans about their role in what happened. They both vigorously deny any involvment." He added: "I feel very badly that I was not allowed to explain what I know. But I am hopeful that I can be of use to the defence team. I have no idea if those who killed 270 people in the Lockerbie tragedy will ever face justice. But I will do all I can to make sure people know who was responsible." 

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