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!!the most ground-breaking book of this century!!

The 21st Century Book of the Dead

The 21st Century Book of the Dead

by Laurence Lucas


Available from

26th October 2002


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the world in 2013

Reality is up for grabs! The definition of what's real is no longer the exclusive realm of science or religion. A new wave of visionaries who straddle the worlds of technology, spirituality and humanity are helping to not just redefine but actually shape the course of evolution through the exploration of consciousness.

Laurence Lucas is one such visionary, who in this daring book both tears down the old paradigm models of fundamentalist thinking, and presents a verifiable map of the new exciting paradigm of reality.

The map, called the LIQUID LIGHTBODY TEMPLATE is a guide, an ‘organic navigation system’, that is both reproducible as an Astrological chart and is also found within the electro-magnetic energy field or aura. The book encourages and seduces the reader to creatively explore their reality and thereby leads them towards ‘liberation’. The message is that now, in the 21st century, we are no longer required to escape the world or wait ‘till the afterlife. We can embody the soul, achieving true freedom now.

The repercussions on the collective experience, our world, our beautiful planet Earth, and the human family are enormous, as the new paradigm (revealed within the book) emphasises and details the interconnectedness of all people at this point at the end of history, as we journey on to the path of CO-CREATION.

Strap yourself in - enjoy the journey!

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also available : a 2 cd set, outlining Laurence's revolutionary ideas and views, and introducing a new daily practise to help tune you into the heart frequencies of this new century.
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