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Within a month of original Creatures release the first CAOS tools were appearing from keen 3rd party developers - these tools generally allowed you to inject CAOS, create sprites and view the scripts within the game itself.

CL never released its own tools for Creatures for various reasons (not least of which they weren't written with a customer in mind and so tended to crash with regularity, or require esoteric knowledge just to get them to run!) ... but this wasn't a problem because as time progressed more and more 3rd party tools and information appeared.

Some of the tools that exist for present incarnations of Creatures were derived from these original tools, and the selection below is not indicative of anything apart from they were found after many years lurking in personal archives!
If you created a tool and it's not here then email if you want it to make it available here for others to use. Similarly, if you created a tool listed here and you don't want it to be available then please accept our apologies and email the above address. This section of the CDN was created because the tools for original Creatures development are currently hard to come by.

These tools are provided 'as is' and we can not be held responsible for anything they do to your system. In some cases they are supplied without instructions ... this is not malicious just that that is how they were found in our archives! If you have any problems with these tools then please email the CDN support email given above - we wont be able to help with the problem but we will take the tool down if it is troublesome.

"The Hitch Hikers Guide to Albia"
Author: Alexander Laemmle
Description: This is not really a tool, but consists of HTML pages detailing various aspects of C1 development.
Download the ZIP file here (15.9Kb)

"CreaturesEditor32" (AKA "CrEd32")
Author: Daniel Silverstone (AKA 'Kinnison')
Description: Allows you to mess around with most aspects of the Creatures game.
Download the ZIP file here (147Kb), you will also need the vcl30.dpl file which you can get here (445Kb)

"Creatures Object Editor 1.5" (AKA "COE 1.5")
Author: Alexander Laemmle
Description: Alex created the very first CAOS tool and also invented the original COS file format. This tool was so good that we used it to create all the add-on agents for Creatures!
Download the ZIP file here (642Kb)

"Borg 1.0"
Author: Alexander Laemmle
Description: This tool was predecessor of COE 1.5 and provided various 'cheats' and ways to bypass certain game mechanisms.
Download the ZIP file here (136Kb)

Author: Sandra Linkletter (AKA 'Slink')
Description: This is a DOS command line program that allows you to append one sprite file onto another (creating a third file)
Download the ZIP file here (12.1Kb)

Author: Sandra Linkletter (AKA 'Slink')
Description: A DOS prompt program that processes a genome and displays the value of the pigmentation genes.
Download the ZIP file here (11.4Kb)

"Creatures Object Source Assistant" (AKA "COSA")
Author: Jeremie Lumbroso
Description: A program that allows easy creation of one of four types of object: vendors, infusions, food or dolls. Practically no CAOS experience is needed!
Download the ZIP file here (27.9Kb)

Author: Elisabeth Witek
Description: This program allowed you to view the Norns in your world using a family tree type interface. You could also obtain statistics and other family related data.
Download the ZIP file here (634Kb)

"Norn Ancestral Viewer" (AKA "NornHist")
Author: Vikram Madan
Description: This program scans all your exported Norns and creates a family tree (if possible). Also performs some functions the hatchery.
Download the ZIP file here (77.9Kb)

The following sites are still active and contain development programs for original Creatures. This list is a result of finding development tools in the archives and knowing that the authors are still around.

The Creatures Developer Resource
A good site for brain related tools as well as communication information.

The Norn Underground
Contains much used programs such as NornPose and CobCom, as well as some other useful bits and pieces.

The Original Creatures Downloads