Mathematical and Computational Challenges in Molecular and Cell Biology

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
Berkeley, California

June 12, 2000 to June 23, 2000

Organizers: Nicholas R. Cozzarelli (University of California, Berkeley), Michael Levitt (Stanford University), Wilma Olson (Rutgers University), De Witt Sumners
(Florida State University)

This introductory short course was offered in cooperation with the FSU Program in Mathematics and Molecular Biology( ).

It focused on research, training and career opportunities at the interface between mathematics/computation and molecular and cell biology. The goal of the short course was to encourage promising students from the mathematical sciences to apply their unique knowledge and talents to biological problems. The short course featured examples of the feedback loop of interaction between mathematics and molecular and cell biology: mathematical models are built in response to unsolved problems and experimental results; the theory is converted into algorithms for machine computation; computations and theory are used to make predictions and analyze experimental data; results of this analysis are used to refine the theory and computation. The short course included introductory lectures and laboratory and computer experiences.

Short Course Speakers:

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