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Shooting Star:  an X-Files thing

Part I

Seventeen years ago Fox Mulder disappeared. Faced with her first solid lead in years, all Dana Scully has to do now is convince his son that his father is worth finding.

One. We meet Ben Scully.

Two. The trail warms up.

Three. Dana discovers more of Mulder's past.

Four. Contact at last.

Five. Repercussions. A meeting over coffee.

Six. Memories both precious and painful.

Seven. Discussions about the future.

Eight. Questions and answers, and a first meeting.

Nine. Father and son. At last.

Part II

Mulder has been found, and is finally home. Now the question is, how do you make three strangers into a family.

Ten. The first night at home.

Eleven. Adjustments are slowly made, and not always successfully.

Twelve. The first weekend ends.

Thirteen. Ben and Emma really talk. Mulder and Scully try to.

Fourteen. Breakthroughs, of sorts. *NC-17*. I've been told some of you have been having trouble loading all of ch. 14, so I've split it into two parts: 14a and 14b.

Fifteen. Two friendships end. A third is strengthened.

Sixteen. A story and a kiss.

Seventeen. Mulder tells a story of his own.

Part III

Scully wouldn't change a thing about her life now. Fate steps in to do it for her.

Eighteen. A late-night conversation with some startling revelations. *NC-17*

Nineteen. An old friend returns with a revelation of his own.

Twenty. Mulder tries to understand what's happening in his home.

Twenty-one. Scully tells her family what she's learned.

Twenty-two. Ben brings Mulder home.

Twenty-three. Scully goes to Montana. Mulder unlocks the drawer.

Twenty-four. Scully and Krycek talk, and Mulder dreams. *NC-17*

Twenty-five. Ben waits for Mulder to recover, and for Scully to come home.

Twenty-six. Scully learns the truth about the body.

Twenty-seven. Mulder comes home.

Part IV

A new family, a new life, a new hope.

Twenty- eight. A doctor's visit.

Twenty-nine. Mulder asks questions. *NC- 17*

Thirty. Krycek offers a risky solution.

Thirty-one. Ben prepares for his big weekend.

Thirty-two. Krycek tells his own story.

Thirty- three. Ben and Emma settle things between them

Thirty-four. Scully waits.

Thirty-five. What Mulder remembers.

Thirty-six. Krycek says goodbye, and Ben comes home.

Epilogue. The following May.

Begun November 1998. Completed April 2000.

Shooting Star in a zip file: plain text format, 228 KB