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Tuesday 14 January 2003

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I’ve wondered for years why there aren’t more Mexican restaurants in London. (Or Tex-Mex if you prefer; I’m still slightly confused after reading this interesting history of Tex-Mex.) Everyone I’ve ever asked really likes Mexican food and yet the only options are plasticky and rare chains such as Chiquitos or large mock-Mexican fun castles with distressed walls and girls serving tequila from bandoliers to hooting parties of gurning office workers. You can tell I’ve attended three too many Christmas office parties at such places in my time.

And this lack of any decent Mexican in London is a real shame and a mystery because the food’s so liked and there are so many more possibilities. From swanky artichoke-and-spinach enchiladas to simple and cheap chains, there’s more than London’s lifeless offerings. Sure, this city is a tad further from the Mexican border than, say, Houston but given the variety of international foods on offer in London, why such limited and poor Mexican fare? My money-making tip: start a chain of cheep and cheerful taquerias. When the biggest fast food chains are under pressure from alternatives I reckon it’s a winner.


Strangely enough, the Boston, Massachusetts area has the same problem. There are some chain restaurants, and a few OK taquerias in Cambridge, but it’s not a big town for Mexican food.

Italian food is ubiquitous (there’s a huge Italian-American community here), as are seven or eight different East Asian cuisines, Indian food (probably not as much Indian as in London, though…) and, of course, you can get fish just about any way you like. But the Mexican offerings are paltry compared to what you can get further south or west.

Posted by Matt McIrvin on Saturday 25 January 2003, 12:41 am
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